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Ideas come and go. But those that remain and get converted into products have to undergo validation before you start your app development process. Validation is an important step before the app development stage begins. When you validate your app idea, you get to actually find out whether people care about whatever you’re doing. In that, you don’t end up mindlessly wasting time and build a user-friendly product without spending too much on production costs.

A lot of people end up thinking that their app idea doesn’t need validation. But they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, this kind of wrong thinking can cost them to waste thousands of dollars and months of hard work. Well, it doesn’t matter what you think about your app idea. What matters is what customers think of your app, and that’s where you should direct all the attention. Turning a great app idea into a success requires some serious amount of skill and hard work. Validation is just the first step in this process.

So some of the important ways to validate your app idea are:

  • Do your Market Research

    The first step in your market research should be to identify whether you have a broad or micro niche for your app. Your target market has certain goals and motivations. Interacting with your target customers is the key. In this way, you gain as much info about them as you want to. You need to listen to what your target customer talks about on Facebook, Twitter or Quora. You need to make a note of what makes people respond positively and what doesn’t

  • Build a Minimum Viable Product

    An MVP is a prototype of your app that reveals how customers will interact with your app. It contains all the core functionalities of your app. An MVP gives you feedback from your target group and lets you discover if your app fits market demands. It helps you determine potential usability and technical feasibility. This can help you to identify loopholes in your app and make changes in your app accordingly. An MVP app is an essential strategy to avoid building an app that people do not want at all.

  • Lookout on the App Store charts

    App store charts do reveal much more than you thought of. The App Store charts easily reveal up-to-date market trends. Top Grossing Charts reveals what people spend money on, as well as apps that have attracted a substantial audience. Top Paid Charts reveal which apps people are most willing to pay for. Top Free Charts indicate which apps get more downloads. When you search through the App Store on your mobile device, or on iTunes, you’ll only see the apps that are popular in your country, not globally. In this regard, the metrics are somewhat skewed.

  • Make use of Google

    Google Keyword Planner is a keyword search and traffic estimator which can help you to see if people search for what you do. You just need to type in words connected to your app idea or what the app does, set target country and Google will show you the average local and global monthly searches. This helps you to identify demand in your target area.

  • Build a landing page

    A landing page can help you highlight the core features of your app in front of your target audience. On your landing page, you can ask for email addresses in return for an offer or simply to keep people updated about when the app is launched. The number of email subscribers can help predict how many people are interested in your app. Once your landing page is up and going, create a Google Adwords and a Facebook marketing campaign. Drive traffic by pointing advertisements to this landing page. From the landing page, you can track behaviour of visitors and see how many of them submit email addresses and try to acquire more information.

These were the very few ways to validate your app in the market. Though these methods can consume time, these are some worthwhile steps to ensure that your app is a success. So, go and validate your app idea before it’s too late!

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