How to Improve Business Sales With Mobile App Development

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The no. of smartphone users in 2016 are around 2.16 billion, which is expected to rise in 2018 by 2.56 billion – (Source)

Each passing day, the use of cell phones is increasing. People are becoming highly dependent on their smartphones for their daily tasks. Take a moment and try to imagine yourself – how hard it becomes for you when you lose, or you happen to forget your phone at home..that is the degree of dependency people have on smartphones. However, from a business perspective, you can get or improve the rate of leads with mobile apps and make it easy for the customers, provided that experts design it and it can enhance the client experience. Here are some benefits of a mobile app development for your business:

Push Notifications

Push notifications are another way to ping customers to remind them of the brand and services you offer. It is also an excellent tool to inform clients of the new promotions and offers made by a company which saves costs to the business.

Payment on The Go

Most of the time, what happens is, we see long queues in banks, shopping stores for payments. What mobile apps gave is the convenience to the customers to save time by paying on the move. Through apps which also provides opportunities to the companies to build a stronger relationship with their clients.

Ease and Satisfaction in Product Selection

With the help of mobile apps, you can give your clients a way to go through your services and products online, which brings in more chances to improve sales. It also provides customers to fully satisfy themselves by reading about the product and its description. They can also give reviews and take an idea from other clients’ views on products.

Loyalty Programme

If the visitors you are getting to buy the products online, but they do not show up, again then the company can introduce the loyalty tab in the app which can generate a tracking no. through which rewards can be delivered to the customers without creating loyalty cards. The feature can reduce the cost of your loyalty programme which can be run from the mobile app itself. It makes it easy for you to a build a relationship with your customers.

Digital Word of Mouth

An app can have the feature of digital word of mouth – Upon purchase, customers can announce about the purchase, to their social media account which helps the company to gain the social recognition and increased no. of fans for the business through each customer.

Business on Demand

If the firm you have, offers services like lunch, massage, etc. which requires an appointment in advance then customers can make the booking at their convenience. Also, apps can store the data if required to be used in the future. It can help you contact these customers later and run offers through paid promotions.

There are various other features that you can add to mobile apps that can assist in improving the sales and revenue for your business. Some of these functions include location-based services, QR codes and beacons. These are helpful in improving the level of engagement with current and prospective clients and grow the overall sales for the business.

As a business, it is crucial to have a presence on the mobile device and take your business to the next level. Enterprise Monkey helps you with smarter mobile application development for improving sales and productivity for your business.

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