ICT Geelong

Case Study

Website, Digital Marketing

Established in 2009, ICT Geelong is a not-for-profit member-based organization. Its members are industry leaders from the private sector, experts from tertiary education institutions and community leaders from the public sector. Members are from the IT sector but also include organisations where IT plays a key role in their operations (eg Deakin, Gordon, Barwon Health, GMHBA, City of Greater Geelong etc.).

#2 Digital Marketing


  • Lack of engagement
  • Absence of interaction with the existing and potential members
  • Unable to get more memberships
  • Failed to create a solid revenue stream


We analysed their situation in detail and went to the root of the problem.

  • They lacked proper communication channels to communicate with members
  • They also didn’t have a clearly defined marketing strategy.
  • ICT’s Social Media presence was also minimal with only 148 Facebook followers, 314 twitter followers and 9 LinkedIn followers.

To put ICT on a quick growth pathway, we set certain targets such as:

  • 100% increase in membership and at least 20% increase in the revenue in one year.
  • Aimed to engage more with existing and potential members and build a strong social media presence by the end of the year.

To achieve the set targets in a span of one year, we put several marketing strategies to use one of them being social media marketing.


We created unique mission statements for each platform and used them accordingly.

  • Facebook
    Through Facebook we posted IT Industry articles and informative material keeps the followers updated about contemporary ICT developments in Geelong. Occasionally, festivals greetings posts were also posted to connect personally with the followers. Announcements of ICT Geelong’s annual events and membership programs were also made via Facebook with links to the website.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn gave us the opportunity to demonstrate ICT’s expertise by participating in discussions related to the industry and answering questions from other LinkedIn members.
  • Twitter
    Our Twitter marketing involved following relevant people and businesses. We used ICT’s bio to explain the purpose of the organisation,current projects and future goals. We made use of relevant hashtags to draw in a new audience.
  • Youtube
    Youtube, we created a buzz about the activities of ICT Geelong and shared the videos of ICT’s events, seminars, conferences.