Sales & Marketing Automation

Enterprise Monkey helps organisations automate their sales and marketing activities which allows them to create continuous recurring revenue.

No Need to Worry About Getting More Business. Just Automate Your Sales and Marketing!

Sales and marketing are the two most vital operations of every for-profit and non-profit organization. A carefully crafted combination of sales and marketing is essential for successful business growth.

Traditionally, sales and marketing has consumed a lot of dedicated resources. Small-to-medium organisations do not have sufficient resources and time to manage these two important operations so they end up wasting a lot of their time and money by following traditional marketing and sales processes.

Organizations find sales and marketing hard to develop, expensive to manage, and difficult to track which usually results in reduced revenue and profitability.


There is no magic in what we do, its all about why we do it;

We solve complex business problems through simple digital solutions
we make enterprises more efficient, productive and profitable


Sales Automation

Sales automation refers to automating your revenue generation process through tactics and tools that can track your customer behaviour and interaction along with monitoring your sales forecast and performance. Sales automation allows you to have better visibility of your customer’s needs, requirements & behaviors. This means you will always know which customers are ready to buy, what information they require and when to approach them with the relevant information.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to reach, attract and engage your target audience by automatically executing and managing marketing tasks/processes without any manual effort.

It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows by saving time and money on manual processes. It also enhances operational efficiency by allowing an exponential increase in revenue.

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