We are not another digital agency or software development house
we solve complex business problems through simple digital solutions
we make enterprises more efficient, productive and profitable
that's who we are, we are enterprise monkey

Who we are

We bring Enterprise Information Management, Business Process Management and eBusiness Solutions to Startups, SMEs and Enterprises. We solve complex business problems through our web application solutions, web design & development solutions and mobile application solutions.

That’s who we are, we are ENTERPRISE MONKEY.

Why do we exist?

Enterprise Monkey helps Small-Startups, SMEs and Enterprises by providing integration, automation and greater visibility of their business processes and saves them time and money. We help organizations in increasing their long term efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability by developing web and mobile applications for them.


Enterprise Monkey assist organizations with eBusiness solutions and enterprise applications which optimize their processes, increase their productivity and ultimately reduce operating costs and increase their revenue.

We aspire to create a world where all business processes are automated and optimized, and where all the information is cohesively stored in one place to ensure more productive organizations.

Enterprise Monkey stands for automation in every operational process of business. We assist organizations with web development and mobile app development to optimise their processes, increase their productivity and ultimately reduce operating costs and increase their revenue.

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About CEO

Aamir is an automation evangelist and CEO of Enterprise Monkey. He is also the General Manager of ICT Geelong and Co-Founder & Investor in three other emerging startups. He is passionate about helping Small to Medium Businesses and Not-for-Profits to save their time, cost and increase the revenue by introduction of automation, optimisation, and intelligence. Having an experience of successfully working with several SMEs and NFPs in Melbourne and Geelong, he has strong expertise in e-business consulting.

{ local roots | global reach }

Enterprise Monkey was founded in a small garage in Geelong. we now have a presence in 3 countries- including our local offices in Geelong and Melbourne.

With access to global resources and expertise, our app development capabilities are limitless and costs are optimum.

We are your local-global partner.

Giving back to the Community

We encourage our team to give back to the community. Our team members volunteer year-round and celebrate volunteering collectively every June during “Sadqah”- a 3 day volunteer service that includes everything from teaching in schools, cleaning roads, collecting donations to helping nonprofits use technology to improve operations.

Clients we have worked with

A brand to fall in love with

Our Leadership Team

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    Aamir Qutub

    CEO & Automation evangelist

    Aamir became the general manager of ICT at the age of 25. Aamir is also Digital Manager at Australian Sports Technologies Network .He strode into entrepreneurship in 2010 and founded Enterprise Monkey. He is a highly reputed eBusiness consultant in Geelong. He is also a career counsellor & a great keynote speaker.

  • Brandon Burns

    Brandon Burns

    Director & Head of Growth

    Brandon brings a wealth of experience in the online marketing and digital space. Having worked with a diverse range of businesses, both small and large, across Australia, Brandon’s passions exist in growing any business exponentially and helping drive a focus on conversion optimisation. As the Director and Head of Growth at Enterprise Monkey, Brandon’s work is to help clients grow by embracing digital technology.

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    Uzair Khan

    VP, Sales & Marketing

    Uzair possess extensive experience in B2B and B2C marketing . As vice president of Sales and Marketing, Uzair has played an integral role in building the Enterprise Monkey sales and Marketing strategies from the ground up. He brings an intense, results-driven attitude to the organization he leads.

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    Kuldeep Sharma

    Head – Technology Operations

    Kuldeep has over six years of experience in building robust applications for diverse clients. He is leading the tech team at Enterprise Monkey and ensures that our client products, APIs, and infrastructure are stronger and faster. With expertise in product and technology, he manages all of Enterprise Monkey’s product development, technology, and IT solutions.

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    Mansi Aggarwal

    Chief of Staff

    Mansi serves as a confidante of the CEO and assists other executive board members. She is accountable for managing the personnel in the company, advising managers and assisting with decision making, engaging in program management, client management, taking strategic initiatives, identifying training needs, finance management, making requisite phone calls, monitoring industry trends, and coordinating multiple projects.