How To Generate More Leads With Website Contact Forms

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Leads with contact forms

A contact form is now a part of every website. For an improved lead generation record, a contact form can be very helpful. Some websites only have an email link. Having a website that looks best in class and serves the best user experience is the goal of every webmaster. Contact forms can make your website more professional. They help your customers to be able to contact you directly on your website without redirecting to an email page.

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With a contact form, you can get more information about your site visitors. Stats show that website contact forms with fewer fields have a better conversion rate. A basic inquiry feature is a part of every contact form. You should include specific fields that are relevant to your business and the target audience. Asking for unnecessary details like age or address can kill your conversion rate.

You can optimize your form fields by simply analysing the queries of the previous users. With your contact forms, include a field for users to choose the services they require.  

A majority of traffic now comes from the mobile device. If your contact form is not responsive, you are losing some valuable leads. It’s not necessary that what works for other websites will work for you. Conduct repetitive tests to optimise your contact form for the maximum number of leads. Here is an infographic that showcases some simple ways to generate more leads with website contact forms.

Leads with contact forms

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