Mobile apps are becoming new companions - Infographic

Are Mobile Apps Becoming Our New Digital Companions? [Infographic]

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What is an app?

A computer software? A program? Or human’s digital companion?

We live in a world where mobile apps are far closer to us than the actual human beings.

For example, how many closed ones can you name whom you can talk to 24/7, who knows your real-time location or can identify all the faces in your photo gallery?

I think your answer would be ‘none’.

Being the app creators, we’ve come to the conclusion that mobile apps are becoming our new digital companions at a rapid rate.

If you visit any app store and go through the list of mobile applications available, you will find that the mobile apps which have a higher number of app downloads and user engagement rate are the free apps. So, people are addicted to these kinds of mobile apps.

Here’s an interesting infographic highlighting the areas where applications are helping us the most. We’ll also talk about the examples of mobile application features that are behind the virality of such mobile apps.

Are Mobile Apps Becoming Our New Digital Companions? [Infographic]

We hope that you agree on all the niches listed in the above infographic, where mobile apps are turning out to be a better companion.

The best time is yet to come when almost every app will be integrated with the latest technologies like ML, VR and AR. Hence, solving our queries more efficiently and quickly.

So tell us which is your favourite companion-cum-mobile app?

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