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Dear Friend,
Oh boy – Am I pumped for you!!!

See, you’ve just requested a free training that literally throws you the keys to the most fundamental business growth strategy on the planet.

And I’m so confident that YOU can begin using this strategy… I’d like to give you $997 to prove me WRONG!

My name is Aamir Qutub, and a little over 5 years ago, I founded Enterprise Monkey.

We create High Performance Websites & Mobile Apps that turn simple ideas into million-dollar money machines.

We’re not just talking hypothetical numbers here. We’ve helped our clients turn every dollar they’ve spent online into $3, $5, $20 or even $350!

So if you have a $15,000 marketing budget, we can help you turn that into $45,000 of fresh revenue straight from the Business god’s oven. Would you say an investment like this would be a great one for your own growth?

It’s a no brainer. It’s the best investment you’ll *probably* ever make!

Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, pop the hood on your target market, your website, and get very specific with your goals.

Then, based on everything you tell us, we’ll develop a custom Website Performance Optimisation Plan specifically for you…FREE!

Our clients:

These Exact Strategies, Philosophies And Techniques
Have Built Some Of The Most Successful Online Businesses
On Planet Earth

XERO, Hubspot, Koala Mattresses, AirBnB...

These are a handful of remarkable companies who’ve absolutely
dominated their industries through the science of High Conversion Website Frameworks.

It’s a scientific, scalable and repeatable process that combines fundamental human psychology and behaviour, customer research and cutting-edge website architecture to create avalanches of new business.

Let me put it this way:

We create the magical websites that positions you as the ‘Undefeated Champion’ of your industry and generates new leads without you doing a thing!

We’re not a branding company.

We’re no graphic designers selling Websites as an afterthought.

We’re no sleazy SEO Sales Consultants promising the world and selling ‘a bag of air’.

We’re not even sitting around coming up with ‘cute’ little posts for your Social Media that might look cool but won’t ever push the needle forward in your business.

We’re deadly serious about you and your business. We use consumer psychology, market research and apply the sweet science of High Conversion Websites to unlock your prospects minds and to get them to pull out their wallet to buy!

Since the advent of the internet in the 90s, your Business website has become (and even more so now) your single most important and most profitable asset in your business growth toolbox.

It’s the only place other than your financial statements where you can accurately diagnose the health of your business and eerily predict it’s viable future.

Because unlike every other form of Advertising or Marketing you can take…

You can track – down to the cent – exactly how much return on investment you gain from your Website.

Based on our clients (and even our own) projects, it’s not uncommon to see returns on investment of 3:1, 5:1 or even 500:1!!!



I’m Going To Give You A $997 Website Performance
Optimisation Consultation, FREE!

There’s no catch.

Right now, you can book a complimentary consultation with me.

I’ve been on both sides of the equation before…

I’ve spent money, lost money, and – thankfully – made money from getting this whole ‘online thing’ turning my $1 into $3, $5 or more!

But let me be clear: It’s up to you what you do with your Strategy. You’re under no obligation to work with me.

This is completely ‘on the house’, and No – it doesn’t mean we’ll bombard you with phone calls and follow-up emails begging you to buy.

In fact, I only want to work with you if you’re ready to kick your business into overdrive and create meaningful profits you’re sure to be proud of.

Either way, the worst outcome for you is $997 worth of the best Website Conversions advice you’ll ever receive – For FREE!


What our customers are saying

"It has been a real pleasure working with the team at Enterprise Monkey. Their dedication to quality is second-to-none, their ideas are innovative, and their attention to detail is excellent; nothing is too difficult. I consider EM to be an extension of my workforce, and they respond as if they are. Definitely glad to have them as a partner."
Linda Glassop
CEO, Comwriter
"Having little exprience With cloud based data managment; I am so very glad we chose Enterprise Monkey to undertake the development of the Yacht Safe System.Amir, it's your overall approach to client liaison throught the agile development method, and the awesome knowledge base that abounds within your oeganisation that has enabled the Yacht Safe "SaaS" to be as we say simple to use whilst the backend is a sophisticated blend of data management, appointment booking and solid communication channels."
Malcolm Eaton
"Very consistent and reliable service provided.It's amazing that the team is in constant touch with us about the daily and weekly updates about the progress of the project.Would strongly recommend"
Remeez Sheikh
Purus Health
"Amir, Ankit and their teams provide excellent service to our business. They scope all projects well, price them competitively and then deliver on their commitments. Amir also adds his business and digital marketing experience to our team and has earned our trust as has Ankit for his excellent project management skills."
Adrian Smith
Management Partners Australia



I’m *Basically* Giving You Free Money…

Here’s how this is going to work:

First, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors, pop the hood on your target market, your website, and get very specific with your goals.

Then, based on what you tell us, we’ll develop a Custom Website Performance Optimisation Plan specifically for you… FREE!

We’re doing this specifically for your individual business and growth goals. It’ll be a custom strategy to immediately fix your ‘customer leakage’ issues, create almost-immediate money, and how to turn your business into the unbeatable industry-leading machine it deserves to be.

There’s no charge for this and it usually takes about 45-50 minutes for us to do together.

Everything we talk about is tailored for YOUR business. We’ll even take a look at your sales process, competitors and sales goals going forward because hey – if you can’t close the leads you generate, everything we do will turn to dust!

Once we’ve done this, we’ll help you come up with a strategic plan of action to generate a flood of profitable new business immediately!

There’s a handful of ways we might do this for you

For instance, we might show you how to structure your user journey to seamlessly nurture your customers, how to attract high-ticket clients that pay you more (for your already existing product and services you’re selling right now), how to tap into starving crowds of prospects from untapped sources, or how to reactivate your past clients.

And as I’ve said, there’s no charge for this.


Watch the video below to get a sneak peak behind the curtain to see how we implement ‘High Conversion Website Framework’ strategies to dramatically grow traffic, leads and – of course – sales for our clients.


WARNING: Before you claim your strategy session, you must be fully aware that this is NOT for the every Tom, Dick and Harry. This is only for people serious about setting up their business for long-term online success and are willing to invest in taking their business to the next level.

We’ll do all the grunt work. But – to truly get your phones ringing and your revenues skyrocketing, we need your commitment, dedication and ability to envision a bigger, brighter future.

If you’re not ready for a seductive, exciting tomorrow – please don’t waste our time.

But, if you’re ready to embrace the holy power of the internet and explode your business revenues, BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY CALL NOW!

Oh – by the way – we do recommend you book quickly. With all my commitments (running a Business can be hectic as you know), I’ve only got a handful of slots available for free sessions each month and THEY’RE FILLING UP FAST. Not to mention my finance guy, John, isn’t at all impressed that I’m giving away these sessions for free and wants me to shut this down immediately. Get in now before we have to start charging you again.

Here’s what you’re going to do next:

First, hit the button below and fill in the application form. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive 🙂

All we need to know is what you’re selling, an idea of what you’re looking to achieve, and so forth. I’m 100% confident we can transform your results – and maybe even your entire concept of what it means to be ‘successful’.

And that, my friend, is why I’m putting it all – all $997 of it – on the line to see you succeed. Click the link below now to schedule your call.

To your success,
Aamir Qutub

Enterprise Monkey
P.S. You might be wondering what you “get” as a client of ours?
The main thing is you’ll get our kick-ass team, full to the brim of THE world’s sharpest developers and business strategists on the planet – who are forever in pursuit of only one thing: Getting You Results!

Like I spoke of before, our first conversation is completely free and it’ll be no longer than an hour.

In the conversation, we’ll give you a Plan specifically for your Website – based on what we discuss in the session.

During the session, I’ll also give you a handful of ‘golden nuggets’ you can action immediately for ‘overnight success’.

Now, if you DO become a client, we’re going to schedule a follow-up Strategy Day.

In this eye-opening session, we’re going to complete four things:

1. Engage You & Your Stakeholders To Determine Your Website’s Driving Factors
2. Uncover the ‘Hidden-Nature’ Of Your Customer Avatar Through Our User Persona Methodology
3. Plot And Validate Your Customer Journey Map To Delight Your Customers On Autopilot
4. Reverse Engineer Your ‘Dream Business Revenue’ Using Our Monkey-Proof Growth Calculator and Reveal Exactly How We’ll Turn This Pipedream Into A Eye-Watering Reality!

And in this session, I’ll be laying out the specific action steps we’re going to take to have your high-conversion website coming to life.

From that point onward, we’ll be stepping forward together through our proprietary 6D Delivery Process (in fact, our follow-up Strategy Day was step one: Discover) in the quest of building you a lean, mean online money making machine affectionately known as…

Your Brand Spankin’ New Website!

Please note: This is a genuinely rare opportunity as we’ve had a waitlist of new clients for the last 6 months and have just reopened our doors again.

If you feel like this is for you, click here to leave your application and let’s talk. Conversations are granted on a first come, first served basis – but if you’re seeing this page, that means we have only a few spots left!

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