from idea to market

This is a 6-week program guiding tech-startup founders on how to refine their idea, research and validate, raise funds, build their minimum viable product and launch it to market succesfully.

Ideas are cheap

It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing idea that could generate millions or change the world…

‘Founding and executing a tech startup is not as glamorous as hyped. If you don’t have a clear vision, business model, product stratetegy and go-to-market strategy, it’s an uncomfortable place to be in.

Running a startup from a place of fear and uncertainty 


We live in a world where tech startups and unicorns are over-hyped. It’s 

It’s cool to be a tech founder 

We hear and read the stories of the unicorns and Billion dollar companies.

Beyond all this hype there


This program is for you

This program is not for you


Only 2% Tech Startups are succesful - we teach you how.

Startup world is full of uncertainties and failures. We help you develop a business model, test your hypothesis and prepare in advance.

Refine your idea

Research & Validate

Raise Funds

Build your product



6 x training modules over 6 weeks

Module 1# Ideation

Learn how to refine and document your idea into a Business Model.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model

Module #2 Validation

Validate your Business Model hypothesis with real customers

Module #2 Validation

> How to execute market research
> How to validate your idea in the market
> How to validate your Business Model hypothesis

Module #3 Funding

Develop a killer pitch and find investors for funding

Module #3 Funding

> How does funding work
> How to prepare a funding pitch
> How to determing your valuation
> How to deliver an effective pitch
> How to find investors
> How to raise money

Module #4 Development

Module #4 Development

> How to determing MVP scope
> How to document user stories
> How to draw wireframes
> How to develop MVP yourself
> How to hire a developer to build the MVP

Module #5 Structure

Module #5: Structure

> How to structure your startup for success
> Startup Accounting 101

Module #6 Growth Hacking

Grow your Minimum Viable Product and reach wider audience through growth hacking.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model
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