from idea to market

This is a 6-week program guiding tech-startup founders on how to refine their idea, research and validate, raise funds, build their minimum viable product and launch it to market succesfully.
  • Test your idea
  • Raise funds
  • Build your product
  • Launch succesfully

Ideas are cheap

It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing idea that could generate millions or change the world…

‘Founding and executing a tech startup is not as glamorous as hyped. If you don’t have a clear vision, business model, product stratetegy and go-to-market strategy, it’s an uncomfortable place to be in.

Running a startup from a place of fear and uncertainty 


We live in a world where tech startups and unicorns are over-hyped. It’s 

It’s cool to be a tech founder 

We hear and read the stories of the unicorns and Billion dollar companies.

Beyond all this hype there


This program is for you

  • If you have an amazing idea, and don't know what to do next.
  • If you inspire to become an entrepreneur
  • If you are looking to develop your startup app
  • If you have built your app but haven't launched it yet
  • You are committed to spend atleast 10 hours every week on your startup

This program is not for you

  • If you want to launch a non-tech startup
  • If you are looking for quick wins
  • If you are looking to establish a lifestyle business
  • If you have already launched your MVP
  • If your startup is already generating revenue
  • If you can't commit atleast 10 hours every week to your venture


Only 2% Tech Startups are succesful - we teach you how.

Startup world is full of uncertainties and failures. We help you develop a business model, test your hypothesis and prepare in advance.

Refine your idea

Research & Validate

Raise Funds

Build your product



6 x training modules over 6 weeks

Module 1# Ideation

Learn how to refine and document your idea into a Business Model.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model

Module #2 Validation

Validate your Business Model hypothesis with real customers

Module #2 Validation

> How to execute market research
> How to validate your idea in the market
> How to validate your Business Model hypothesis

Module #3 Funding

Develop a killer pitch and find investors for funding

Module #3 Funding

> How does funding work
> How to prepare a funding pitch
> How to determing your valuation
> How to deliver an effective pitch
> How to find investors
> How to raise money

Module #4 Development

Module #4 Development

> How to determing MVP scope
> How to document user stories
> How to draw wireframes
> How to develop MVP yourself
> How to hire a developer to build the MVP

Module #5 Structure

Module #5: Structure

> How to structure your startup for success
> Startup Accounting 101

Module #6 Growth Hacking

Grow your Minimum Viable Product and reach wider audience through growth hacking.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model
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