Finding the right eCommerce platform is always challenging when planning to start a digital store. Numerous eCommerce platforms are available, each with its own set of unique features. Magento eCommerce is a popular platform currently used by over 2,39,000 live businesses, extensively popular among businesses for the Magento feature list. A recent study shows that over 250K merchants worldwide use the platform.

Are you also looking to create an advanced eCommerce store? Do you plan to ensure that your customers have the best experience? You need the key Magento features to help your eCommerce.

Magento eCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms and is open-source. It is a shopping card that is created with the help of the MVS architecture and the Zend framework. It has two editions, the community edition and the enterprise edition. With the release of Magento 2.4.5, the best part of the Magento feature is that you can efficiently handle both the back-end and the front-end development.

Below are some of the great features of Magento eCommerce that make it superior.

Effective Catalog Management

As an eCommerce website, you must maintain a catalogue no matter how many products you sell. Moreover, it should also supplement the sale. And this is where the Magento feature for eCommerce can help, as it has the below options for catalogue management.

  • Bulk export or import of the catalogue.
  • Easy digital downloads like music, videos, and others.
  • End-to-end inventory management.
  • Efficient management of product tags.
  • Availability of RSS feeds.

The platform allows you to show virtual products, add as many product attributes, edit or delete reviews, and others. In addition, it helps you with simple browsing, quick search filters, and better product comparison.

Starting with your eCommerce website is just the first step. Next, you must devise different strategies for gaining traffic to your website. And the best strategy for that is SEO. Without SEO, there is no way for customers to find your store.

The Magento platform is SEO-friendly. Not only does it help in improving the ranking of your website through white-hat campaigns, but it also helps in other ways. For example, you can easily configure meta tags, descriptions, or keywords for each of your products with each. Some options available in this feature are:

  • Google sitemaps
  • URLs that are search engine optimised
  • Automatic sorting of popular searches
  • Auto-population of most popular search tags or terms

Order Management Feature

Order management is critical to customer satisfaction and smooth management when running an online store. The order management feature in Magento helps in coercing the gap between a digital and in-store experience. In addition, it helps ensure the process is smooth and the delivery is cost-effective.

The feature provides standard processes for order organisation, shipping, status, refunds, etc. In addition, it incorporates all the items you need to boost your revenue. Some crucial options in the feature include.

  • Controlling all aspects of the orders from the admin tab.
  • Complete support for printing invoices, slips, and shipping labels.
  • Email communication.
  • Creation of invoices, shipments, or credit memos as per requirement.

Marketing & Advertisement

Advertising and marketing play a key in the growth of your store. You must have regular marketing campaigns and digital promotions to make the store successful. With Magento eCommerce, you also get various marketing tools to run your business efficiently.

You can sort and handle coupon codes, promotional campaigns, and others. Moreover, to enrich the customer experience, it provides multiple theme and design sources. Some of the key options in this feature are:

  • Track coupon usage.
  • Cross-sell all of your products.
  • Manage polls, newsletters, and other campaigns.
  • Modern promotional and URL tools.
  • Manage price variations depending on the quantity and the users.

Quick Checkout

One prominent feature you get with Magento is that you are open to all options regarding checkout. Magento eCommerce comes with multiple easy checkout options. Checkout is a critical aspect of sales. A lengthy or bugged process will lead the customers to abandon their carts. Ensuring that your checkout process is simple helps in completing the purpose.

Magento allows customers to buy different products simultaneously while moving to checkout immediately. There is no need to pay for individual products for the customers. You do not have to download other extensions to facilitate this. Some of the best checkout options that are offered are:

  • Allows shipping of different products to different addresses through one order.
  • Address book facility for fast checkout.
  • SSL security during the purchase.
  • Possibility to gift message each site.
  • Saving the shopping carts.

Payment Methods

Payment is a critical aspect for businesses when choosing an eCommerce platform. Magento eCommerce provides the option of incorporating multiple payment alternatives. The customers get the option of choosing from different payment methods.

They can either select immediate payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, and others. Or they can choose a delayed payment by COD, Cheque, credit, etc. Significant options in this feature are:

  • Quick checkout in a single click.
  • Accepts purchase orders and check orders.
  • Option for further payment add-ons.
  • Integration with PayPal


Internationalising the website is a common goal for businesses looking for international growth in sales. With Magento, you can go beyond your boundaries and serve customers overseas. Its support of different currencies, as well as languages, is what makes it superior.

Magento eCommerce helps personalise the website per local currency and language, and the key options of this feature are;

  • 60+ language options.
  • Local tax rate.
  • Support for different currencies.

It successfully attracts more customers, which is why it is imperative to select the right Magento development agency.

Efficient Analytics & Reporting

When running an online business, you must track a few critical metrics. Metrics like burn rate or time are essential to see which marketing activities are working and which are not. Else you will be burning a lot of time and money. Thus, having reports with information about sales and promotional activities can provide you with a competitive edge.

Magento provides an inbuilt reporting and analytics suite that helps showcase the performance. It helps monitor customer trends and allows you to devise a strategy accordingly. Moreover, you can integrate Google Analytics as well. The dashboard provides an insightful overview of the website and consumer behaviour. Some standard options available in the features are:

  • Insights on tax and sales.
  • Best viewed and purchased products.
  • Refunded sales.
  • Products with low stocks.
  • Invoiced sales.

Better Security

E-commerce is the present and the future. And the basic building block of the business is the trust factor. So Magento also provides a glaring feature that helps build and maintain the customer’s trust in your website.

The platform offers 2FA and ReCaptcha options to reduce the chances of security attacks and prevent password security threats. It helps ensure security to various pages like Login, Register, Contact, Forgot Password, and others. Some key options in this feature are:

  • Page builder option and GraphQL support.
  • PWA studio.
  • MSI or multi-source inventory.
  • Bulk web and asynchronous API.
  • Support to PHP 7.2.
  • Loyalty and rewards.
  • Effective page hierarchy.
  • Individually customised pricing.
  • Google tag management.

Device Optimisation

Several users prefer to access eCommerce websites from their mobile phones or tablets for making purchases. And with the Magento platform, you can ensure that you also serve the astounding demographic of such users.

It helps you develop a mobile device-friendly website and app to ensure your customers have the best time. Moreover, it comes with HTML5 technology to create mobile-close stores. You can easily choose drag and drop, zoom, swipe, and other options for the best digital experience.

Final Thoughts

The above distinct features of the Magento eCommerce make it stand out against other similar eCommerce platforms. Moreover, it provides the best functionalities and tools for the users and the admin, making optimisation easy. You can entrust your work to a reliable and professional Magento development company like Enterprise Monkey and pave the way for the success of your eCommerce business.

Magento eCommerce platform is a one-stop solution with many features for your digital business. From inventory management, order management, marketing and promotions to much more.