Enterprise Monkey provides web and mobile solutions that automate revenue generation and save costs for SMEs and Non-Profits.

Stop Struggling? Just Put Your Revenue On Autopilot With Expert Marketing Automation Solutions

The ultimate goal of marketing is to generate revenue for your company. Marketing automation with Enterprise Monkey makes this whole cycle easy and fast by inducing target results for your company. We help you take intelligent strategic decisions by allowing you to monitor your marketing efforts and brand’s performance. The right marketing automation platform, combined with smart organizational and process alignment, makes it possible to connect the dots between that blog you wrote last month and that seminar you hosted last year. Thereby, with increasing revenue, you can see this week or what you can expect to see next quarter. Enterprise Monkey can help you identify goals and design workflows to bring about a positive impact to the position of your company by implementing integrated marketing automation. Marketing Automation includes but is not limited to Email Marketing Automation, Automated Campaign Management, Marketing Program Leads Generation Lead Management, Social Media automation and optimization CRM integration Reporting, Analytics and Intelligence.

Enterprise Monkey helps companies or communities to increase their operational efficiency, save time and increase revenue faster by streamlining and measuring their marketing tasks and workflows without any manual efforts.

Although Marketing Automation has been widely adopted by large enterprises to achieve high-scale growth across industries, but it is not restricted to big players.
Enterprise Monkey helps Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) and Not-for-Profits grow exponentially through Marketing Automation which is strategically aligned to your long term growth goals.

We aim to increase the operational efficiency of your organization and grow revenue faster.

Enterprise Monkey marketing automation allows marketers to spend time on the leads that matter and push your leads through the sales cycles automatically.

How does Marketing Automation works?

We streamline your workflows, measure your marketing activities and automate all your manual repetitive tasks.

Our Marketing automation helps marketers streamline, optimise and automate their lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement.

Broadly it takes you through a three stages cycle.


First, you segment and target the useful message for the relevant target. Secondly, you design and automate the workflows across your various marketing channels. Finally, you can measure the ROI and optimise your marketing processes. The third stage also enables you to analyse which marketing operations need to be improved in your company.
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Email Marketing Automation

You can create automated email campaign within a few minutes. The emails to be sent can be scheduled to shoot at the time of your choice.You can send emails in bulk or batches. You get the automated generated analytic reports of your email marketing campaign.
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social media automation

Social Media automation and optimisation

Automate your content publishing to maintain your presence without tying up resources. You can grow your online fan and generate leads faster.You can analyse how social activity drives conversions and revenue through automated analytics reports.
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crm integration

CRM Implementation, Integration & Customisation

Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM- related segment in the past five years.
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