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I want to start my own business venture and become an entrepreneur. Is it necessary to do MBA to become an entrepreneur?

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The short answer is No – you dont need to do an MBA to become an entrepreneur.

MBA, as a course, was established for larger organizations to train their people to actually become managers and learn the rules of an existing business. Whereas, entrepreneurship is completely different. You are establishing a new business, a new business model from scratch, which means there are different tools that apply to it. So, if you have to have learned entrepreneurship, you don’t have to do any course. What you can do is you can access online the sources and material that’s available. So you can search Lean Startup methodology by Steve Blank and you will find videos on it, you will find a lot of material on it, as well. And then you can read a lot of books. And the best way to learn entrepreneurship is actually by trying and doing it. So, maybe try working with a starter, working with an entrepreneur, and learn from them, instead of trying to go to an MBA college and doing MBA and entrepreneurship, which is probably a complete waste of time.

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