Lean Scoping Workshop

The Lean Scope Workshop is a 3 hour workshop combined with an in-depth technical review that allows us to assess the commercial & technical risk of your project, design your ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and prepare you for development in the best possible way.

The Workshop and scoping process is a 6 hour service encompassing the initial 3 hour intensive workshop and 3 hours spent preparing the document. This is completed for a cost of $880+GST. The cost of this workshop is credited back on all projects that proceed, as we believe this is an unmissable step in the process to having a successful app.

Why do a Lean Scope Workshop?

When you have a startup idea, especially when the idea revolves around the app, it often seems like the only  option is to develop the entire app, with all the bells and whistles that you think your customers would want. But at this stage, it is often too early to do that, especially when you consider the cost involved.

At Enterprise Monkey, we know that as a startup you often have limited funds, so we like our startups to undergo a scoping workshop before diving head first into app development. By doing this, it allows you to work out exactly where the value in your idea lies, and what your value proposition is.

Through our workshops, we will help you dive deep into your idea, investigating the business model, user stories and a plan to get further validation on your idea. We will help you understand how to attract funding and support before you invest huge amounts of time and money on applications. This is a key element to consider when beginning your project and ensuring your budget is kept in tact.