Email Automation Services

Create, Automate and Analyse

Whether you want to execute basic emails or a sophisticated promotional campaign, Enterprise Monkey helps you to do it successfully. Automated and optimised Email Campaigns from Enterprise Monkey, let you trigger actions in your mailing lists based on the target recipient information. The entire process is automated and saves you from the headache of doing things manually.

How we help you

Email Automation is much more than just a simple autoresponder. Our highly optimised and automated campaign makes it easy for you to send your brand’s message to the right person at the right time in an appropriate way.

Our Campaigns keep on conversing with your target audience while you focus on other important tasks. Whether it is promoting your new business in your area or you want to promote your event or you wish to get the attention of your potential customers by providing them offers/discount. Our team of professionals makes it really easy for you to execute these campaign successfully.

Before creating the campaign, we analyse your sales model and your customer base and help you put together a tailored strategy and plan for automating key streams in your email marketing. We provide a complete analytics report (both Graphical and statistical) after each campaign that would allow you to have clear visibility of the outputs from your campaign.

Why us

Pretty good experience in delivering the maximum ROI

Content and creative assessment of your current emails and newsletters.

Spam free emails that do not raise any triggers of the spam filters.

Regular reports on customer responses.