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We solve complex business problems through simple digital solutions

we make enterprises more efficient, productive and profitable through our eBusiness Solutions

eBusiness consulting is a path to guide a business to harness these technologies and help them to achieve the best from their business with remarkable results. We at Enterprise Monkey help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Not-for-Profit Organizations (NFP) and Government Organizations make the best use of the technology in their business to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Most businesses are reluctant to change, running their business in traditional ways with no idea about the losses they incur following such processes. Organizations also end up losing critical data by using paper-based processes. Enterprise Monkey offers customized suites for these businesses and helps them use technology to reduce their cost and working hours by optimizing their processes.

We at Enterprise Monkey consult enterprises about the ways their organisation can become more productive by optimizing their processes with the best use of technology.

Our e-Business Consulting services focus on:

  • Interpreting your organization’s current capabilities and needs to meet the overall business strategy
  • Apply knowledge of computer system architectures and emerging technologies to define the appropriate Web architecture to meet strategic objectives
  • Create a vision for migrating existing systems
  • Usability Engineering
  • Latest Internet Applications
  • Strategy formulation
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Solution building or integration
  • Analytics design and implementation
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • Operations, maintenance and support services

eBusiness Consulting can help organizations in the following ways

  • Optimise their process thus following the best processes suitable for their business. Understand where the processes can be improved.
  • Automate the processes and save working hours and costs.
  • Harness web technologies to market on the internet.
  • Attract customers using web analytics and online marketing tools.
  • Open doors for the global customer base using web and mobile applications.

Whether you have clear business goals or simply want ‘to use technology make your business smarter’, we will help you define the right strategies to support your business growth, reduce business operating costs, and improve customer loyalty. That is if you can relate to problems like:

  • can’t do it yourself.
  • unable to communicate & engage with prospective customers
  • don’t have the resources.
  • Un-optimised paper-based /manual processes.
  • want to make a better product.
  • have a nagging problem.
  • unable to aggregate, manage and analyse data efficiently

An effective e-business consultation can help to familiarize your company or industry into a household name, turning it into a brand which everybody can recognize. Let our e-business consultant talk to your specific department and analyse the numerous ways of keeping your business forever appealing.

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