Is your organisation prepared & for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

If you are not sure about any of the above - you must act now !


5-step Pandemic Business Continuity & Remote Working Action Plan

In under 60 minutes, remote-work expert and CEO of Enterprise Monkey will reveal how his business is overcoming and functioning through the Coronavirus outbreak and how you can implement his 5-step action plan to ensure your organisation runs smoothly throughout the crisis.

Right now – we’re living in a very confused world. 
There’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right now. Some of our clients have already had their supply chains affected while others are being forced to have their staff work from home. I’ve even heard that some are reaching out to their existing customers to restore the spending confidence! 
How do we know this? Over the past 14 days, we’ve been providing them with the support they need to ensure that they can still get on with their day.

The whole thing is so global that even we had to close our Dubai, Kualalumpur and New Delhi offices and ask all our teams work from home. 
But fortunately, we’ve planned for a situation like this a couple of years ago when we did our internal Business Continuity and Remote Working workshop. 

And seeing the impacts of the Corona Virus, it only made sense for us to extend the hand of help to those we touch. 
To help you, our clients and our friends,  we’ve developed a 5-step action plan to quickly develop and implement a Pandemic Business Continuity and Remote-work plan. 
We have compiled all the instructions, tools, templates and resources you need in a 60 minute Webinar that we’re all making available for free!

Now, if you think that you’re already prepared – I would still encourage you to check out the webinar so you can tick off all your boxes. 
You can never be over-prepared in a situation like this. 

Also – if you think that your business won’t be able to transact remotely, you might be in for a surprise! But again, this exercise is about identifying the risks and impacts upon your business to ensure you’re prepared for when the time comes.

Helping organisations develop and implement a Pandemic Business Continuity and Remote working plan so that they can continue to conduct their business with the power of the cloud without any disruption and achieve operational efficiency & employee satisfaction.

"It is not only about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak- it is about seizing the opportunity to prepare for disaster management, business continuity, operational efficiency and future workplace and employee needs."

Our 5-step Action Plan

We have used this action plan to successfully prepare and implement an effective Pandemic Business Continuity and Remote Working Framework for SMEs, Large Enterprises and Not-for-Profits.

Step 1: Audit existing systems and processes

Review sales, operational and administrative processes and activities & define their impact on business.

Step 2: Identify affected processes and gaps

Identify the activities that could be impacted due to a pandemic or disaster and assess the gaps in conducting business-critical activities remotely.

Step 3: Prepare The Pandemic & Remote work Plan

Prepare a Business Continuity and Remote Work plan and develop clear actions required to implement the plan.

Step 4: Implement & Prepare

Implement the Plan including refining or setting up cloud systems, reducing work-place specific dependencies and allocation of responsibilities.

Step 5: Train your Team

Communicate the plan with your team and train them on required systems to provide them a clear unambiguous pathway to work during the pandemic.


5-step Pandemic Business Continuity & Remote Working Action Plan

We will teach you how to implement this Plan in your organisation and will provide you with all the necessary tools, templates and checklists to effectively implement this in your organisations.

Step 2 (Limited Availability)

Still confused ? Need specific advice ?

We are offering Free 30 minutes call consultation for businesses. But please make sure that you have attended the webinar before you book a call. Please note that there is no pitch at the end of this call. We genuinely want to help you emerge stronger out of this crisis. With the right information, we can all work together to reach the light at the end of the tunnel to achieve future growth and profitability in your business. 

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