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Optimise Business Sales Performance and Costs With Expert Sales Automation Solutions

Sales automation refers to automating your revenue generation process through tactics and tools that can track your customer behaviours and interaction along with monitoring your sales forecast and performance. Sales automation allows you to have better visibility of your customer’s needs, requirements & behaviours. This means you will always know which customers are ready to buy, what information they require and when to approach them with the relevant information.

This information is automatically communicated to your leads through customized & targeted channels based on specified rules without any manual effort. Sales automation allows you to cater to the needs, issues and problems of your customers even before they ask for it. It helps you to speed up your sales process and improves your customer service. It gives your business an opportunity to automate the customer life-cycle (lead generation – acquisition – conversion – retention – loyalty), thus increasing sales revenue.

Sales Automation includes automated lead generation and qualification, automated sales pipeline analysis, automated sales stage and probability analysis, automated competitor analysis, and automated real-time sales forecasting.
Will you buy your next car on phone from a cheesy salesman who is trying hard to pronounce your name correctly? 10 years ago, we used to buy and sell like this. Information Technology has changed the way consumers perceive information and take decisions. Consumers have become smarter and more aware. If you still plan to send out an army of motivated sales people trained to-ABC Always Be Closing- Bad news, it doesn’t work anymore. The sales process is much more complex; and it requires you to attract, engage, educate and maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Enterprise Monkey helps you streamline and manage every stage of your sales process from first customer interaction to closing the sales by automating the essentials but time consuming manual sales task.

Sales automation allows your sales representatives to close more deals in less time and enables you to monitor the whole sales cycle. Enterprise Monkey sales automation enables your company to focus smartly on the whole customer life cycle.

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In a nutshell Enterprise Monkey sales automation helps your company to increase leads win rates, make effective analysis of sales pipeline, customers and competitors & enhance your sales representatives’ productivity and improve revenue.