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Human Resources Management is a core part of every organization and it is evident that HR Departments are under increasing pressure to ensure the service they provide is not only efficient, but also cost effective.

A recent report highlighted the fact that up to 50% of an HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and responding to queries.

By automating the vast majority of everyday HR activities, you’ll be able to eliminate redundancy, increase accuracy, and ensure your data is always timely and complete.

Here are five processes you must automate for efficiency of HR department :


Automated onboarding reduces the cost of collecting, reporting and retaining new employee data which can result in immediate efficiency gains. It also facilitates a steady flow of well-timed information to new hires while helping to reduce costs, improving employee retention and productivity in the long run.

2.Employee Information System:

With an updated employee information system you can make the best use of available human resources. It provides high degree of customization and allows the user to setup the system as per the requirements of the organization.  Streamlined information updating process reduces the chances of manual error or loss of data.

3.Time Sheet Tracking:

What projects did your employees work on this week? How much time did they spend on each project? Automated Time Sheet Tracker automatically tracks the activity and matches it with project codes, eliminating guesswork. It simplifies the process of data collection, authentication and saves HRs from the trouble of manually updating records.

4.Performance Appraisal Process:

Busy managers’ infrequent feedbacks and lack of effective metrics reflect in the form of inaccurate data, goes against the employees. Through automated performance management system there would be systematic updation of records & KPIs providing data backed employee performance metrics.

5.Off boarding:

A poor off boarding process can create security gaps when employee access to internal systems after termination. Automating the off boarding process can reduce errors and help HR make sure nothing slips through the cracks, lessen the amount of manual labor involved and decrease an organization’s vulnerability to wrongful dismissal lawsuits.