Why Small and Medium Enterprise Marketers should implement Marketing Automation?

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A research by SiriusDecisions manifested that, 80% organizations that experienced the top-notch performing demand waterfalls (based on the number of closed deals per 1000 inquiries) executed marketing automation in their business. You can make a difference to your competitors by having a marketing automation strategy for your business. But you need to look at the bigger picture of applying marketing automation in your businesses.

Gives maximum attention to the customer: Marketing automation allows you to gauge customer needs. It helps you capture a lead by accumulating the information required, nurture the lead, and finally helps in sales conversion. Thus helps in building a long lasting personal relationship based on the information gathered. You can create customer databases through marketing automation so that you can pull out the details helping accelerate the sales process.

Integrates all your work: You might be using separate tools for tracking your visitors and building and the landing pages of your website. This way you are wriggling with a number of tools, but marketing automation offers a single solution costing less and delivering more. Marketing automation takes care of all your marketing activities helping you understand your leads better, integrating all your data into one dashboard and eliminating all the unnecessary tools used in your organization.

Assists in measuring and evaluating your performance: Marketing automation provides visibility in your business. You can evaluate the performance of your campaigns, you would know which resources drive leads and which lead can be converted into a sale at a fast pace. All this can be done at a cost lower than you used to spend.
Collaborates sales and marketing activities : Even though the goals of the sales and marketing departments are different, marketing automation plays the role of putting the two departments together helping them in grasping the customer needs, managing their leads, closing the sale and customer retention.

Enhances and empowers sales: The sales department should have independent access to marketing automation. Closing the deal is what matters at the end. Marketing automation allows your sales reps to view the history of a lead, be informed when a lead has downloaded an ebook or white paper and even more. As a consequence marketing automation enhances the sales in an organization.

It’s simple- start doing it yourself and take baby steps. If you need expert advice- give us a call and we would be happy to serve you.