Job Ready Certification

This is a 6-week program guiding tech-startup founders on how to refine their idea, research and validate, raise funds, build their minimum viable product and launch it to market succesfully.

job ready certified


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This certification is for you

Give us 6 weeks & we will transform you from struggling graduate to the most-eligible job seeker.


6 x training modules over 6 weeks

Week #1 Find your Niche

Learn how to refine and document your idea into a Business Model.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model

Week #2 Unique Selling Proposition

Validate your Business Model hypothesis with real customers

Module #2 Validation

> How to execute market research
> How to validate your idea in the market
> How to validate your Business Model hypothesis

Week 3: Building your Resume

Develop a killer pitch and find investors for funding

Module #3 Funding

> How does funding work
> How to prepare a funding pitch
> How to determing your valuation
> How to deliver an effective pitch
> How to find investors
> How to raise money

Week 4: Applying for Jobs

Module #4 Development

> How to determing MVP scope
> How to document user stories
> How to draw wireframes
> How to develop MVP yourself
> How to hire a developer to build the MVP

Week 5: Interview

Module #5: Structure

> How to structure your startup for success
> Startup Accounting 101

Week 6: Certification Exam

Grow your Minimum Viable Product and reach wider audience through growth hacking.

Module #1: Ideation

> How to define your problem
> How to describe your idea
> How to develop your Business Model
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Bonus included

We have some outstanding bonuses for you as well

Bonus 1

Online Community Group

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with freelancers and small business owners, it’s this:

You can’t do your best work in a vacuum. To thrive, you need access to other designers, developers, and WordPress consultants like you.

That’s why when you join us inside the WP Elevation Blueprint, you’ll get the opportunity to become a member of our WP Elevation Flight Cadets Facebook community for the seven weeks you spend implementing the Blueprint.

This is where you’ll get access to your coaches for advice and feedback, connect with the other students, find an accountability partner, form business alliances, and share your wins.

Bonus 2

Lifetime Access

Theoretically, implementing the WP Elevation Blueprint inside your business is something you’ll only need to do once.

That said, we know as you start seeing results, you may want to establish new services, or even start a second business.

That’s why when you enroll in the WP Elevation Blueprint you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, including any future updates, so you can keep referring back to them again and again.

Bonus 3

Weekly Coaching Calls

We know that there’ll always be questions that are better asked and answered out loud, as opposed to those submitted in writing.

As a WP Elevation Blueprint student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in weekly coaching calls facilitated by our team, during the seven weeks that you spend implementing the Blueprint.

From experience, we know you’ll get value from attending these live calls whether you have a burning issue or not. Our coaches drop a whole lotta knowledge during these calls, and we often learn a fair amount from the questions asked as well!

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