6 Reasons Why Nonprofits need mobile friendly websites

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To run a successful nonprofit organization, it is essential to have a hassle-free donation system. In other words, your nonprofit website needs to be able to talk to devices.

A mobile friendly website is one that, does not depend on the type of device a web visitor is accessing. Whether that is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/ desktop computer, the website functions and displays all of it correctly.

The Internet is constantly changing, and users are beginning to gravitate heavily towards mobile. The problem is, websites are not responding to these new devices with small display sizes and is frustrating this new generation of Internet users. What you need for your Nonprofit, is a website that is the least bit frustrating! Mobile websites are needed because:

1)It promotes easy group texting campaigns:

You need to be able to send group text messages that link to Web pages where readers can “Learn More” or “Take Action,”. But it makes no sense to link to a Web page that was designed to be read on a desktop computer screen. Thus, mobile web designs become important.

2) It enhances your mobile SEO:

Browsers are hungry for new mobile content. It’s a clean slate in terms of keyword and page title optimization. And mobile websites give you a better SEO ranking.

3) Booming mobile net use:

67% of cellphone owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, notifications, or calls—even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating. So you must ensure your nonprofit’s website is mobile ready is imperative.

4) Extensive Social Media:

Above 80% facebook and twitter, referrals come from mobile devices.  If your website is not responsive, you’re probably not making the most of those referrals you’re trying desperately to attain through social channels.

5) Pocket Donations:

Digital wallet technology is transforming online and mobile fundraising. If donation button is just at the reach of your pocket, imagine how rapid donations can become!

6) Empower QR Code Campaigns:

When nonprofits ask supporters to use their smartphones to scan a QR code that links to a Web page, then of course the QR code needs to link to a mobile website for faster donation channels.

So far nonprofits have been slow to launch mobile websites. You do not have to be in the same category. In fact going mobile for your website is one of the most inexpensive yet important steps to getting your donation boxes filled in time. Your shift towards using this technology can make a positive impact on society.