6 Tips to make your Non-Profit website easily accessible

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Your website is a tool. It exists to enhance your ability to make an impact. So checking on whether it is getting the job done or not is essential. If you want to get in touch with prospective investors and donors online, you must invest time in learning how to design a satisfying website.

According to a recent study, visually impaired participants miss out on most colour codings along with any text formatting such as italics or hyperlinks. Thus bringing out the safest techniques can help your nonprofit gain the correct traffic.

Few tips for the same are shared below:-

Use high contrast colors

Too many colours and formatting becomes a time-consuming task and does not help gain anything extra. So, a little care while using colour palettes can make a difference.

Standardised page layout

A clear and easily identifiable call to action button with direct links to further pages allow better usability of your web page.

Minimum number of steps

Too many unnecessary clicks distort the attention span of potential donors so minimizing the number of clicks per target action is important.

Make it precise

A lot of text, colours and information distract the viewer’s focus. Crisp, limited and to the point text is best for retaining prospective donors.

Responsive web design

A website that is compatible with all devices means moving to a mobile future. This way you will be assured from losing out on any prospective donors.

An apt home page description

If you only had ten words to describe your organization, what would those words be? Ensuring that the words that you use on your site are accurate and descriptive, helps people who are likely to search for you or your issues.

Your website is a link between your NFP and its donors, therefore, keeping them informed, entertained, engaged and action driven to ultimately increase their support for your organization is the main target.

Your nonprofit’s website is a huge investment of your time and resources. It needs to be effective. Focus on driving the right traffic, using explicit calls to action and making it easy to support your organization.So be genuine and create great content, for you might be surprised how far a few hours a week can take you.