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Magento as ecommerce platform

Magento: 8 Reasons Why You Should Use It

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According to the Business News Daily, Magento is the best eCommerce software for enterprises and fast-growing online businesses. This recommendation is not just because Magento accounts for 0.9% of total online stores. There are remarkable features, extensive support, and a lot more added to this platform.

Thanks to the elements making Magento stand out among a pool of so many CMSs? This blog will discuss Magento and why you should use it.

What is Magento?

Released on March 31, 2008, Magento is the content management system created in PHP to assist programmers in making eCommerce sites. It was developed on the Zend framework and released by Varien. Magento is built with open-source technology allowing a flexible shopping cart system and complete control over the functionality and content. With version 2.4.5, Magento has a lot to offer.

Its catalogue-management tools are highly appreciated by the Magento community worldwide, and its variety of themes and plugins contributes to the user’s experience on the platform.

Popular brands, including Coca-Cola, Bulgari, Samsung, etc., have their websites built on Magento. After the acquisition of Magento by Adobe, it is rapidly developing in the enterprise market. This happened 10 years after Magento was introduced in 2018 at $1.68 Billion.

What Are Some Basic Magento Features?

In that case, engaging a proficient Magento development agency like Enterprise Monkey proves invaluable, as it entails intricate programming expertise.

Let’s explore some fundamental features of Magento!

  • Inventory Management: Involves import and export operations and effective management of remaining stock.
  • Catalogue Management: Easy product selection.
  • Product Management: Allows efficient product handling and enables optional comment reviews on products.
  • Order Management: Ensure smooth ordering and associated procedures.
  • Customer Service: Streamlines the customer handling process.
  • Search Technology: Facilitates search on Google SiteMap
  • Analyse and Report: Seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics service to create reports
  • Payments: Provides multiple payment processes, including PayPal, Google Checkout, ePay, eWAT, etc.
  • Marketing Tools: Offer up promotions and coupons.
  • International Support: Extends monetary and multi-lingual support.

Built to oversee high-volume eCommerce operations, Magento provides uninterrupted shopping experiences to its users.

What Are The Benefits of Opting for Magento?

Choosing Magento as your eCommerce CMS might be one of the smartest decisions! In fact, it can supercharge your eCommerce store. The platform offers numerous various advantages. Let’s get underway to check out the most convincing factors ever.

Smooth Integration Across Multiple Platforms

There are no such restrictions while making modifications, simplifying the integration of modules and third-party add-ons. A shop owner is allowed to add Google Analytics. To assist in data analysis, integration with third-party, including Mail Chimp, eBay, etc., is also enabled.

In other words, integration with any third-party extension is easy with Magento. It opens the way to customise your store according to your requirements. From payment gateways to marketing automation, Magento stands by your side.

Search Engine Optimised

While doing an online business, the best way to seek a return on your investment is to gain traffic toward your portal. Magento stays current on the latest SEO ranking factors and is designed to be search engine-friendly. Having multiple SEO features, including:

  • Meta Tags
  • Sitemaps
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Search Friendly URLs
  • Keywords
  • Layered Navigation
  • Product Title

It never fails to provide meta-implementation options and a concise URL structure to aid in getting friendly search engine rankings. You can create descriptions and tags with highly relevant keywords based on your niche to get desired results. Moreover, to track web visitors, Magento includes analytics – making it one of the most prominent features of Magento.

Regardless of the business size, Magento will suit your brand and provide effective results.

Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform, meaning developers can modify the source code. Try asking people why they are using Magento. Most will point out it is an open-source platform. They can also add features and functionality by installing plug-ins and add-ons.

Giving extensive flexibility to customise, Magento’s eCommerce solutions are scalable. Another not-to-miss feature of Magento is that it is highly adaptable. Developed in a collaborative and decentralised way, Magento relies upon community production and peer review, contributing to the transparency of the content management system.

Enhanced Website Loading Speed

Website visitors hate waiting for the web page to get loaded; they usually abandon it in such cases. Even a single-second page delay in loading time drops views by 11%. It further results in immediate losses and consequences. So, working on the page load time is essential to deliver a satisfactory user experience.

And Magento is unbeatable in this. It’s popularly known for its capability to produce fast-loading websites. Faster page loading time may be directly proportional to decreased bounce rates!


Specifically designed for eCommerce, Magento provides comprehensive solutions to online businesses. It supports developers in streamlining operations associated with online stores.

From currencies and languages to payment gateways, plugins, and extensions, it has everything you may need as the store owner. It is cater-built to streamline your business operations and provide comprehensive solutions.

Extraordinary Performance

If your online store has hundreds of products, it might look complicated, but not with Magento. Magento knows to handle everything and anything, from small to big ones, irrespective of your business size.

To handle high-traffic volumes, Magento is equipped with robust architecture. It enables transactions to move smoothly and manages concurrent user sessions. Overall Magento delivers outstanding performance using its advanced algorithms and finely tunes its operations. Contributing to many reasons, Magento is downloaded 5,000 times a day.

PCI Compliant

Magento offers multiple levels of security permissions, and one can manage these permissions internally. In addition to the same, what we must recognise is the platform being PCI compliant. It has a Secure Payment Bridge integration to make every transaction safe.

As a store owner, one can carry out SSL certificates. Buyers look for safe online shopping options where they don’t have to think twice before purchasing and making payments. Magento provides that!

Wide-Ranging Community And Support

An expansive community of developers is attached to the platform, adding authenticity and integrity. A developer is never alone working on Magento, a strong help and support system is there to help them anytime. This vibrant community support system acts as a pillar of strength.

Programmers and other community professionals can seek forums to seek solutions and answers to various questions. It serves as a knowledge-sharing platform.


Magento is a user-friendly content management system with powerful abilities, advanced security and extraordinary performance. With extensive community support and fast website loading speed, Magento offers customisation and scalability to your project. Specifically, Magento is endowed with the ability to serve as an eCommerce-centric platform and provide you with the relevant tools. It offers promotional and SEO-driven functionalities.

Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Content Writer
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.
Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.

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