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Drupal for Ecommerce

Drupal – A Perfect Choice for Building Your Ecommerce Platform

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Sarah Farroukh

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It’s 2023, and people find it more accessible to shop online, which has positively affected the eCommerce business to the core. From contactless payments to choosing from millions of options from top to bottom, marketing is evolving, so old-school methods will no longer help your business. So, what should you do? Try Drupal eCommerce, as it could be the right fit for your organisation.

“Is Drupal eCommerce a right fit for my organisation?” as a business owner, you might be having some doubts that need clarification, so don’t worry!

Customer engagement must be your priority to increase sales, which can be the biggest challenge to haunt you at night. Everything in your business, from an intuitive interface and active chatbot to the content management system, matters to attract leads and your existing client base.

This blog post is dedicated to solving all those second thoughts to help you decide if Drupal is the right CMS for your business. Gear up!

Why Do You Need Drupal?

Let’s look for suitable reasons to help you select Drupal. Well, we are all impressed, hence we want to convince you.


Why do you even have a website if it cannot generate leads? And to generate a lead, you must appear on the search engine results page. SEO matters here, and an SEO-driven website content management system works. Drupal is apt for SEO, and one of the most reliable CMS platforms that can help you bring the right results.

SEO must be implemented on all your pages, and you cannot ignore the indexing of any product. There are several modules of Drupal to bring you the right SEO to boost sales.

Characteristic Features of Drupal SEO Modules

  • Makes your website URL search engine friendly.
  • Adheres to the most accurate SEO practices.
  • Aids all the metatags.
  • You can go for the multilingual ones too.
  • You can select or ignore your chosen pages on the sitemap.

Here’s to knowing that different modules come with different features; you must be careful while selecting the most suitable one for your business.

Prioritise Personalisation

We feel like special guests when visiting a website tailored to our needs or choices. Persuasive behind-the-scenes tasks are implemented here to present you with this personalised experience.

If your brand successfully provides personalised recommendations and relevant offers, 91% of consumers will more probably shop with you. And it is not only about the recommendations and offers; the content must be highly engaging to set an ethical impression. Drupal helps you achieve that with its comprehensive modules.

Your brand cannot afford to miss your users’ attention. The competition is ever-increasing, and personalisation is among the top factors brands use to engage more and more people. So, you must go personal but with the right strategy and incorporate some comprehensive work.

Whether to present real-time personalisation to anonymous users or consolidate the whole customer data with the content using a single tool, Drupal modules will satisfy you.

Web Accessible

Drupal is a web-accessible option for everyone, irrespective of disabilities. It attracts many businesses amidst its relatively new existence. There are no licence costs involved, and the presence of many contributed modules attracts many companies. For strong reasons, experts claim to be the leading CMS in the upcoming years.

According to the official website, they want professionals having skills of any level to use this platform. So, whether it is a module or the content produced, Drupal assures the accessibility of everything to everyone.

Cyber Security

Data breaches can be more than you think and make security a prime concern worldwide, irrespective of your niche. You must be careful of this while selecting the content management system for you.

Your business involves confidential data and, most importantly, financial information, which certainly, you cannot afford to lose at any cost. Your business needs top-notch security, and Drupal is expected to provide you with that.

Whether you want a full security assessment for your website or changes in some specific modules, Drupal is right there. The two-factor authentication module is highly recommended and serves as a stage of security checks. Also, you can find one to get additional security hardening options, playing a pivotal role in reducing various risks.

Drupal’s password protection is all-impressive and provides you with a strong password based on defined password policies.


Adding to the fact that Drupal is more advantageous than its competitors when it comes to supporting, the Content management system has lesser limitations without making holes in your pocket.

It has a diverse team of designers, developers, coordinators, and trainers to help you with the best. Sometimes, you may need to enhance the capacity of your server or simply for a regular website check-up or want to end with deleting spam comments and junk entries.

Furthermore, you will need the best support for software changes from Drupal’s end or when you want to upgrade your website to the latest version.

Final words

Drupal is the best for your business. If you want to grow your business digitally, which is a must-to-do task today, Drupal will not disappoint you. Adhering to its highly active support team, you will get additional features to highlight your eCommerce website among competitors in the marketplace. The CMS is entirely free from complexities and is considered a developer-friendly platform.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy option, you can trust Enterprise Monkey as your choice for a Drupal development agency to sit back and let your sales happen.

Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Content Writer
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.
Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.

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