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Cost of building a Joomla Webiste

Joomla Website Development Cost- A Complete Breakdown

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Joomla is a flexible and powerful open-source Content Management system. It offers a robust set of features for building feature-rich websites. With over 2.7% market share in the CMS market, this platform has emerged as one of the easy-to-use and highly effective content management systems.

If you want to create an eCommerce website using Joomla, you’ve made the smart decision. But a critical question that indeed has crossed your mind must be, how much does a Joomla website cost?

When choosing a platform to host your eCommerce website, you usually look at the price before anything else. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss Joomla pricing, the fees of Joomla website developers, and the overall maintenance charges.

Joomla at its Core!

Joomla is an award-winning, open-source content management system for building websites and web applications. Along with many well-known websites using Joomla, it has become the third most popular content management system worldwide and hosts over 2 million websites.

In addition, amongst the many reasons why Joomla is one of the top-most choices for many eCommerce businesses, it supports the most powerful SEO tools that help get your website up in the search engine ranking, boosting your website visibility and driving significant organic traffic to your page.

Joomla development services

Joomla Pricing

If you compare Joomla with WordPress, the biggest similarity between both platforms is that their initial software is absolutely free.

You don’t pay a licensing fee for Joomla, giving you a significant cost advantage compared to proprietary platforms. This opens doors for budget-conscious individuals and small businesses.

Nevertheless, while the core software is free, building a functional and beautiful website involves other expenses.

Joomla Cost Contributors

Although Joomla, at its core, is free, the website building on this platform requires additional features and functionalities, and all these factors contribute to the overall cost of Joomla website building.

factors contributing Joomla cost

Let’s discuss these factors below:

1. Domain and Hosting Costs

  • Securing a domain name and hosting is the first step in building a website. Domain prices vary depending on the domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) while hosting costs depend on server performance, storage, and bandwidth.
  • On average, domain registration can cost anywhere from $14 -$43 annually.
  • Talking about hosting, for Joomla, BlueHost is one of the top hosting service provider company. It’s reasonable and offers excellent bandwidth. Web hosting can cost as low as $2 /month or up to $143/month (depending on your business size).
  • If you are just starting an online website, you could choose a shared hosting plan, the most affordable option.

2. SSL Certificate

  • Whether it’s a blog or an established eCommerce store, all website owners must have an SSL certificate. Websites encrypted with SSL are secure. SSL certificates can cost between $150 and $1,000 a year.
  • You must buy and renew your SSL certificate for an online store, as it will protect your customers’ confidential data, like their credit card details and identity.

3. Website Features

  • The total cost of Joomla website development also depends on the number and complexity of features you want. If you have a small budget, limit the features you like on your website and stick to the functional features instead of the fancy ones.
  • An eCommerce website requires more features than a standard business or blog website. The most notable features of a Joomla eCommerce website are a Wishlist, Site Search, Business Logo, Checkout Page, Product Page, Categories, Blog, Contact, Registration, Payment, etc.

4. Web Designing

  • Your Joomla development company will streamline the eCommerce website design process. They will build the UI, UX, and all features.
  • From template selection to adding extensions, the web designing company helps you in every stage of online store development. Their fees may vary depending on their experience.
  • The company might charge an hourly fee or a fixed rate that usually ranges between $25,000 and $35,000. So, before hiring, it’s best to compare quotes from a few popular website development agencies.

5. eCommerce Templates

  • Joomla offers free and paid templates for your online store. Those with budget constraints can stick to the free versions. But if you want premium quality and sophisticated web design, go for the paid template section.
  • You should opt for a custom-designed Joomla website if you want a unique design. However, you will have to be prepared for significant cost increases.
  • Depending on the template provider, the customised Joomla templates can cost up to $114 or higher. Talk to your web designer to find the most suitable template for your eCommerce store.

6. Extensions

  • Every eCommerce website needs an extension, including a shopping cart, inventory management, store management and checkout. Some website extensions are free. However, you will likely require both free and premium extensions to ensure your Joomla store’s seamless operation.
  • The costs for premium extensions can range from $150 to $400. You can add more extensions, depending on what fits your requirements.

7. Customisation and Development

  • Tailoring your website to meet specific design and functionality requirements may involve hiring a web developer. Development costs can vary widely based on the complexity of the project, the developer’s expertise, and your specific needs.
  • On average, a standard Joomla website development can range from $5,000 to $10,000, while more complex projects may require a budget of $70,000 to $100,000 or more.

8. Testing

  • The Joomla website developers and web testing team performs various tests to ensure your Joomla website’s seamless functionality before getting live. These tests involve Functional testing, Compatibility Testing, UI/UX testing, Accessibility testing, Performance testing, Security testing etc.
  • Determining the testing cost for a Joomla website can vary based on several determinants and factors, including the complexity of the website, the extent of testing required, and whether you opt for manual or automated testing.
  • Therefore, for the major tests like UI/UX testing, Accessibility testing and Functional testing for your Joomla website, the cost may range between $5,000 and $20,000.

9. Maintenance and Updates

  • Websites need ongoing maintenance to remain secure, functional, and up-to-date.
  • This includes updating the Joomla core, extensions, and templates. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks yourself, you may need to hire a developer for ongoing maintenance.
  • Maintenance costs are optional. However, if you opt for the website maintenance plan from your development agency or freelance it from a seasoned Joomla website developer, you will have to spend between $5,000 and $50,000 annually, depending on the complexity of your website.

Joomla Cost Breakdown

Building a Joomla website can cost between AU$10,000 and AU$250,000. The pricing plan for Joomla website development services differs as per the complexity and size of your website.

So, How Much Does it Really Cost?

It depends! Here’s a range based on complexity:

  • Basic Website: $10,000-$50,000 (With free templates, plugins and some development)
  • Professional Website: $80,000-$1,50,000 (custom template, plugins, optimal extensions and development)
  • Ecommerce Website: $1,60,000-$250,000+ (complex features, third-party integrations, premium extensions,  high-end designing, development, testing, maintenance and updates).

Here, we provide a quick overview of the overall cost of Joomla website development in Australia through this detailed costing sheet below:

Developmental Process Design Tasks Average Costing
Initial Fixed Costing Hosting

Domain name

SSL certificate

UI/UX design Rough sketches

Low fidelity wireframes

High fidelity wireframes




UI design (visuals) Mood boards

UI mockup samples

Final UI mockups




Development Backend


Testing UI/UX testing

Functionality testing

Accessibility testing

Website Maintenance (If Applicable) $5000-$50,000
Total Average Cost

(high-end eCommerce website)

Note: The cost sheet above shows the approximate numbers and is subject to change/differ per the client’s website needs and business requirements.  

Budgeting Tips for Joomla Success!

By following these tips and being resourceful, you can build a stunning and functional Joomla website within your budget. Remember, your budget is a roadmap, not a rigid constraint. Stay flexible and adapt your plan as needed to ensure your Joomla journey succeeds!

  • Plan Ruthlessly: Define your website’s goals and features before diving in. This helps avoid scope creep and unnecessary expenses.
  • Embrace Free Resources: Explore the vast library of free Joomla templates and extensions. You might find the one that works for you.
  • Consider DIY: If you’re tech-savvy and possess some coding skills, you can always learn Joomla, saving your development costs.
  • Shop Around: Compare hosting, templates, and developer rates to find the best value.
  • Start Small and Scale: Build a primary site initially and add features gradually as your budget allows.
Additional Tips

  • Get feedback from Joomla communities or forums for cost-effective solutions.
  • Consider pre-made website packages offered by some hosting providers.
  • Look for discounts and promotional offers on templates and extensions.
  • But remember, quality matters: therefore, do not compromise with the features and functions which are needed to give your eCommerce website a competitive edge. 


Building a website with Joomla offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for individuals and businesses. While the core CMS is free, it’s crucial to consider additional development costs based on various factors. By understanding these factors, you can plan your budget effectively and create a successful online presence with Joomla.

To learn more about Joomla’s cost, talk to the best Joomla development company, get quotes from web designers, check their expertise, and outsource your web development project to a company that fits your needs and budget.

Picture of Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub
CEO of Enterprise Monkey
Aamir Qutub is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Monkey, has a sincere passion for innovation and startups. With an experience of around a decade, he is a proud co-founder of 4 technology startups, focusing on real-world problems and their solutions. He also loves to cook and spend time with his onlyborn.
Picture of Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Monkey, has a sincere passion for innovation and startups. With an experience of around a decade, he is a proud co-founder of 4 technology startups, focusing on real-world problems and their solutions. He also loves to cook and spend time with his onlyborn.

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