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Enterprise Monkey is a web application development company in Melbourne, Australia.

We develop smarter web applications for the custom business requirements of our clients.

Our web app solutions expedite and automate the business processes of startups and SMEs.

Enterprise Monkey is a web app
development company based in
Melbourne and Geelong. We develop
smarter web applications for the custom
business requirements of our clients.Our
web app solutions expedite and
automate the business processes of
startups and SMEs.

Custom Application Development for Startups and SMEs

At Enterprise Monkey, we endeavour to enhance your overall productivity and efficiency with our custom web app solutions. We first take our client’s business model and its functioning into account and consequently provide innovative suggestions to optimise the business processes. We execute a calculated plan with incorporated suggestions to build a web application that streamlines your business and improves the ROI.

Enterprise Monkey helps you carry out a seamless integration for your business and the external processes. Our app design and development solutions customise your data flow to create the most open and scalable application, suitable for your work. We develop and deliver accurate, stable and productive web applications according to your business requirements. Our focus is to ensure that our web apps are user-friendly and cost-effective in terms of design, development and maintenance.

Preferred Web Application for your Internal Business Processes
We build web apps that work effectively with your target
We design, develop, test, and market your web application
We comprehend the market scenarios for your custom web app

We develop the most innovative and competitive web apps

The Point Of Difference In Our Web App Development Solutions

We aim to reduce application maintenance cost

We deliver transparency and systematic application development lifecycles

We offer controlled and ongoing support

We have a flexible host of functions to meet your business needs

Our Consultative Approach
Towards Web Application Development

  • User Behaviour and Psychology
  • Minimising Product Risks
  • Analysing the Competition
  • Managing the Cost-
    Effectiveness of the App
  • User Experience Optimisation
  • Strategy


User Behaviour and Psychology

We conduct a user-persona study for your application. We segment the internal and external users of the product and provide you with suggestions and strategic inputs.

We capture:

  • Demographics and interests
  • Professional roles & responsibilities
  • Key skills and the target industry
  • Key tools used by the target group


Minimising Product Risks

It is crucial to validate an app idea before going ahead with it. We assist you in analysing the market potential and audience size for your web app. We create a robust strategy for launching your minimum viable product.

How we minimise your product risks:

  • Surveys to understand audience motivation and preferences
  • Brainstorming sessions on prospects willing to pay for the app
  • Getting the audience to rate the value addition of the product
  • Analysing the targeted market size
  • Analysing the product’s stipulated time-frame to achieve a market fit


Analysing the Competition

We create industry benchmarks to ensure that your product is ahead of its competitors. We conduct an in-depth analysis of current market trends to help you stay innovative and unique.

Our approach to competition analysis:

  • Making a list of all the competing apps and their core features
  • Analysing the core strength of each of the competing apps
  • Understanding how the product can add value amidst the existing offerings


Managing the Cost-Effectiveness of the App

Our product team will help you to optimise the cost of your application and provide you with a resource-efficient design and development plan.

Our essential cost optimisation steps:

  • Building a core feature-checklist of the app
  • Eliminating rarely or never used app features
  • Choosing the best-fit platform for the product
  • Utilising project management and collaboration tools


User Experience Optimisation

We provide our customers with a strategy to create a viral loop in their web application. We help you with an in-app and push notification strategy to make your app user-friendly and more engaging. We develop a user-flow strategy to ensure your web app appeals to your target audience.



  1. Viral Strategy We place special emphasis on adding distinct features to your web app that encourages sharing. We ensure that your web app provides its users with ample opportunity and incentives to share it with their peers and make your app go viral.
  2. Launch Strategy Our product experts provide you with an app launch strategy that helps you optimise the development time, and market your application. Our Agile Development Plan is best suited to the web applications of any niche and helps you develop, launch, and market your web application.
  3. Marketing Strategy Our marketing strategy can help you to reach out to your target audience, engage with them and retain them as loyal app users. We work with our clients to execute marketing automation on the web apps using custom push notifications. We help them promote their app on different channels cost-effectively.
  4. Growth Strategy After the launch of your web application, we provide you with a growth strategy to take your app to the next level. We help you to analyse the competition on a periodic basis and achieve consistent growth. Our product experts help you to examine the user-feedback on your web application and make you aware about the critical areas of improvement.

How We Process Web Application Development

Our CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) approach saves heaps of our development hours and helps us manage the resources efficiently. This method is helpful in deploying all the potential changes through the deployment pipeline automatically. In CICD, we build products in such a way that they are ready to be released at any time of the process. This accounts for the timely delivery of our web application development projects to our customers. Our web application development processes are as follows:

Defining the Project Roadmap

The Roadmap starts with Project Manager putting together the web application goals, keeping in mind the technical and strategic objectives. This consequently helps us to have precise navigation for the necessary tasks, each documented with its respective approximate timeline.

Defining the Audience and Security Requirements of the Application

The Project Manager carries out these documentations in consultation with the client. After researching and understanding the use cases of the application, we create a complete analytical report on the audience and Security Requirements:

    Audience report includes:

  • User segmentation statistics
  • Audience demographics and interest
  • Specifies single level or multilevel user access

    Security requirements report includes:

  • Listing security-related risks associated with the application
  • Defining the characteristics of use cases of the application
  • History of security breaches

Defining the Features and Functionalities of the Application

This is an essential step in our web application development phase. The document includes all the functional specifications of the application that helps to avoid any confusion about the app’s usability and features.

Defining the Technology, Project Structure, Technical Specifications and Project Timelines

This phase establishes the development environment, structure and framework of the application. The process includes the technical specifications of the project and defines the licenses, versions and forecasts related to the project.
The team also creates a timeline document to identify the completion dates of various milestones of the project. The timeline definition identifies the completion dates for the web application’s features or modules.

Creating a Visual Guide, User Interface and Wireframe of the App

The Project Manager works on this with the coordination of the design and development team. The team sketches the interface and interactions related to every feature of the app. It works on a visual guide or a wireframe that would bring out the best user experience for the app.


When the design interface is completed by the creative team and approved by the client, the development team takes over.

    The team takes the following steps to develop the application:

  • Creation of the Application Architecture and Framework
  • Design the Database Structure
  • Customise the Application Module, Libraries and Classes
  • Development and Implementation of all Functionalities

Beta Testing and Bug Fixing

A web application, once go-live, must be secure, reliable and fully functional. Our QA team does vigorous web app testing to ensure that your application remains bug-free, responsive and user-friendly.

Our Web Application Development
Solutions are Diverse

Static Web Applications

Dynamic Web Applications

Online store or e-commerce

Portal web applications

Animated web application

WordPress Web Applications

Joomla Web Applications

Drupal Web Applications

Why Choose Enterprise Monkey
for your Web App Development Project

At Enterprise Monkey, we provide our clients with high solution maintainability, performance, scalability
and system integration. We establish a thorough understanding of our customer requirements and deliver business-critical
web applications.

Transparent Processes

Our transparent processes keep you in the loop with the project updates at every stage of the web app development cycle.

Marketplace Development Expertise

We possess expertise in developing marketplaces according to your business needs.

Third-Party Integrations

At Enterprise Monkey, we make third-party integrations easy for your web applications.

Post-deployment Assistance

We offer post-deployment aid and resolve any issues after the launch of your application.

Widen System Accessibility

We provide your customers, suppliers and third parties with a widen system accessibility to your application.

Our Recent Work

We have worked with a plethora of organisations ranging from small, medium to large enterprises.
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