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Enterprise Monkey is a mobile app development company in Melbourne. We are among the top iOS and Android mobile app developers. We help startup founders, business owners, marketers, CEOs and CFOs with our smarter mobile app development solutions.

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Melbourne's Preferred Mobile App Developers

With 80+ mobile apps served diligently, Enterprise Monkey is the most preferred mobile app development company in Melbourne for startups and large enterprises. We conduct a
detailed study of your app idea to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. We follow a comprehensive agile approach with attention to detail to attain utmost accuracy in our mobile app development process. Our mobile app development services start by formulating the content flow based on the needs of your target audience and prospects. Our in-house team of mobile app developers in Melbourne provide you with the most innovative and disruptive smarter mobile-centric solutions.

We Aim to Build and Deliver Robust iPhone and Android Mobile Apps

If your business is targeting the iPhone and iPad app market, then Enterprise Monkey can help you to develop highly-innovative iOS mobile apps customised to your business needs. We offer end-to-end solutions for all kinds of iOS mobile app development services. We have quite an experience in developing apps that can be easily integrated with many 3rd party applications. Our unique solutions can be easily
integrated to the camera and GPS services of many mobile devices with the enhanced user experience. Our expert team of mobile app developers thoroughly understand the iOS platform, hence develop apps that are in sync with all its attributes and interfaces. We also help businesses with custom enterprise apps to achieve the
enhanced productivity and profitability.

Android phones are most preferred ones in the smartphone market with a huge user-base. There is a big opportunity for business
owners to tap this growing market. We develop incremental
Android mobile apps to fulfil the existing and upcoming requirements of your business. We continuously test your Android mobile application and ensure that it provides a user-friendly experience. Our in-house Android mobile app developers understand the market thoroughly and develop apps that incorporate the native features of the Android
platform to add to the innovation in app development. We help you go mobile by building enterprise mobile apps that integrate with
your existing systems and simplify your business processes drastically.

Some of Our Wonderful Clients

After a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements, we develop the most productive and highly-engaging apps. Catch a glimpse of some of our mobile
application projects.

Mahindra Blue Sense
A wearable technology based application for helping individuals to call for help in case of an emergency or a threat. Built on iOS and Android, this app is aided by Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technologies.
A wearable technology based application for helping individuals to call for help in case of an emergency or a threat. Built on iOS and Android, this app is aided by Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technologies.
This is a ‘no-texting while driving’ app aimed at reducing distracted driving among teens. It is based on GPS technology and locks the mobile phone according to the acceleration level of the vehicle.
The Lansdowne
This is an Augmented Reality based app built for Boston’s biggest restaurant-pub chain. The app helps engage customers through interactive promotional campaigns and makes them access pub services through intuitive features.
Sports Corner
This is a mobile commerce app built for Sports Corner Co., a leading international sports goods retailer in Qatar. The app was built for both iOS and Android.
We refurbished the UI design and features of the cbazaar app. The company is a popular fashion retailer from India. We helped them spruce up their digital presence.
This is an online journal that delivers political and entertainment news via high definition videos, for a global audience.
Built for S&P500 Stock market investors, SpyTimer is a finance advisory app which provides intelligence on stock values and personalized advice on the share market.
This is a lifestyle app that helps people to know about lucrative deals and discounts on food, retail products and service centers. It works on location targeting and push notification technology to send out custom alerts to the users.
Sun Network (in POC)
This is an entertainment application exclusively meant for movie buffs. It provides updates on the latest movie releases, sneak peeks, trailers, teasers, reviews and other inside stuff related to films.
AnyWork is an app that helps users to find any kinds of resources they are looking for. It is a marketplace for on-demand services. It connects skilful service providers like cleaners, babysitters, gardeners and plumbers to those who are looking for such services.
A mobile application that helps in managing the working shifts of the crew members. In a typical business situation there is a manager and there are some crew members that he deploys. The manager has to ensure their 100% availability during the business hours. With ShiftMania, each manager can create, edit and delete shifts.
Great Work
Behaviours/Management Partners
Our client, Management Partners Australia is a management consultant who helps businesses improve the productivity of managers and top management team with the help of surveys.
We created a customised application called Great Work Behaviours that takes the survey process online and makes it more efficient.
Emergency Local
We created this life saving app that provides contact details of all the nearby health professionals and doctors. The app helps anybody looking for emergency medical help. It consists of features to assist the user in finding the nearest defibrillator and emergency CPR. It also includes a local health professional’s directory, a local emergency number list and a first aid program that covers all types of illnesses and injuries.

Our Awards & Press Mention

Why Choose Enterprise Monkey?

We have quite an experience of developing MVPs as well as the full-scale iPhone and Android mobile apps based on the requirements of our clients. We help our clients by performing a detailed competitive analysis and provide them with suggestions including the innovative features for their native and hybrid applications.

App Developers for Startup & SMEs

At Enterprise Monkey, we turn app ideas into the smarter mobile applications and help startups understand the pulse of the market. We provide our customers with an innovative product strategy to get the desired ROI from their startup mobile app. Being the Agile mobile app developers, we help our clients with end-to-end solutions for their app development projects; which includes design, development,
testing, and marketing of the apps.

Enterprise Mobility

At Enterprise Monkey we are committed to helping you develop the best enterprise mobility solutions. Our custom enterprise mobility solutions help you improve your business processes and productivity. First, we analyse all the existing procedures, then we provide a mobile strategy to help you optimise and streamline your internal processes. Our enterprise mobility solutions help you manage your business anytime, anywhere with enhanced ROI.

Customer Facing

We develop mobile apps that help you engage with your users in the most interactive way and achieve the maximum conversions for your business. At Enterprise Monkey, the mobile applications are developed after understanding your brand’s primary requirements and its target audience. We ensure that the user experience on your app is in sync with your overall brand. We help you develop a unique mobile-presence for your business that helps you automate your revenue from the mobile channel.

Our Key Elements to a Successful App

Did you know that there are 4.2 million apps on Apple App Store and Google Play
Store combined? You’d be surprised to know that out of this 4.2M, 95% of the apps are Zombie Apps. It means only 5% of the mobile apps correctly align with users requirements and provide them with some value. There are high chances that your app might fail if it is not able to feed the users according to their needs.

On an average, a person keeps 26 applications on their mobile devices. So, you
should be aware that your app is going to compete with Facebook, Whatsapp, Airbnb, Uber, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.

We did some research on what makes an app stand out in the app market. If you want your app to be the part of that 5% of the applications that fulfil their purpose, then make sure you consider these 4 key elements to a successful app before actually developing an mobile app.



You spend hundreds of dollars in developing an mobile app and then finally make it live on the app store. Most of the businesses think that their app will start generating revenue right away. However, that’s not the way. First, make sure your app has the key element – Attraction.

To make your app easily found and attract users in the app store, you should develop it with inbuilt App Store Optimisation (ASO). You must plan that how to push it to the users who’ll be early adopters of your app.

Direct these users to install your app using the right elements like app name, app description, app screenshots and app videos. Remember, unlike doing SEO for a website that can be implemented later in the process, ASO needs to be built-in the app from the beginning.



Most of the apps (free apps) don’t earn any money immediately after the installation. For example, the successful apps like Airbnb and Uber won’t get money for the installations.

They will start making money once the users initiate the engagement with their app. Your app should have a smooth user-experience and engagement model that compel people to interact with it.

To achieve it, the automation comes into action. If your users are not using the app after installing it, send them the push notifications as a reminder.

Prompt them regularly to engage with your app. E.g., implementing the ability to login via Facebook or any other channel. Your app should be connected to a CMS that allows pushing more updates, news and fresh content.



Did you know that 3 out of 4 apps will get uninstalled the same day? Some factors cause app uninstalls:

  1. Your app is not built with correct optimisations
  2. It might be causing high-consumption of memory and battery
  3. Your app is crashing too much
  4. No onboarding process defined
When a user installs your app, if not welcomed and briefed, might uninstall it immediately. What you can do is train the users when they open your application for the first time. This whole science is called the onboarding. Make the onboarding experience of your app users very smooth and interactive.



Let’s say you’ve spent 10 thousand to 10 million dollars in developing an app. When should you start expecting the results?

The first thing needs to be very clear that an app will generate huge revenue only when there are masses who are using that app. To make your app profitable, there needs to be a built-in Social Virality factor. You can’t incorporate this factor after your app has been built.

To discuss how to integrate your app with Social Virality, have regular sessions with the developers and user-experience teams. For example, there are apps which have built-in Social VIrality with Facebook integration, such as Candy Crush, Mafia Wars, Age of Empires, and more.

If you are out of coins or the game money while using these apps, they provide you with an option to earn more coins after inviting your friends to their app or share their video on your social media. So, to break the interruption users often take these actions and that leads to virality.

We Build Apps with Agile Development Methodology

We use ‘Smarter Agile’ techniques to ensure that your mobile app can reach out to the right set of people, achieve a high rate of installs, shareability and retention. Agile development makes the process of developing a mobile app quick and easy. We divide each of the tasks in short milestones called sprints and assess them to bring out the best results. The process intends to simplify mobile app development, making it easier to review and revise the mobile app according to business requirements.

Characteristics of the Agile Mobile App Development:

Shorter Release Time

Self Organised and Goal Oriented Teams

Ease of Design and Development

Adapting According to Business Requirements

Forecasting and Adaptation

Quick Changes and Updates

Our prime focus is to timely deliver the market-centric apps that are user-friendly and highly-engaging. The client is kept in the loop for every change and update during the development process that is being done on their application. We go by the client feedback and provide desired set of outcomes for their business.

The flow starts with requirement gathering and analysis. Our team brainstorms with the client and creates a document to understand the business and requirements of the application. Each of the functionalities in the application is treated as a user story. The project manager then starts with a sprint plan in which the target for each sprint is defined. Daily meetings called ‘Scrum’ are held to track the sprint progress. A Scrum Master is appointed to help the team to stay on track. A sprint review follows and a new sprint starts. The culmination of all the sprints marks the completion of the project.


The Agile Workflow

While using the Agile model, we divide each of the client/product requirements into user stories that are targeted in weekly sprints. A user story defines the functionality based on what the user will be able to do using it. A combination of user stories helps in creating periodic milestones and then scheduling the <br< project accordingly. With complete transparency, we ensure that each of the user story is adaptable to changing market conditions and is driven by client and end-user requirements.


User Stories

While using the Agile model, we divide each of the client/product requirements into user stories that are targeted in weekly sprints. A user story defines the functionality based on what the user will be able to do using it. A combination of user stories helps in creating periodic milestones and then scheduling the <br< project accordingly. With complete transparency, we ensure that each of the user story is adaptable to changing market conditions and is driven by client and end-user requirements.


Scrum Methodology

We use the Agile Scrum process for the development of your mobile application. The process comes with the following advantages that help in improving the quality and usability of the product:

  • Improved level of project productivity
  • Faster development and reduced time to market the product
  • Better product quality


Testing Methodology

Imagine a user is operating your mobile app and encounters some functionalities not working. This is the critical issue for any business. We ensure that your app is fully functional and user-friendly at all times. Our design and development teams collaborate with QA teams to ensure the precise quality of applications. We use TestLodge to create and manage the test cases and It works well with our issue tracking tools like Bugzilla, Mantis and Jira.


Design Methodology

We undertake extensive usability studies before designing a mobile application for your business. After a thorough understanding of your business and the user- persona, we create a style guide and a roadmap for the designing of the app. The design process follows an agile approach wherein we divide the milestones into manageable tasks and ensure that the app is designed according to client requirements.


Product Management Methodology

We use advance Agile Project Management tools like Jira and Trello to manage our projects. Our clients have complete access to these tools to keep a track on every task and the overall work-in-progress. We encourage a collaborative work culture to ensure a high level of productivity and quality for the project. Each project is divided into weekly ‘sprints’ for which the targets achieved are analysed at the end of each week.


Code Commit Process

The process of committing a code involves freezing on a functionality that has been developed. The process helps in tracking the functionality and changes implemented in the past. A user can easily track the previous work done with certain dates and changes. This is enabled through versioning of the codes. We use BitBucket tool for committing the code. All the Version control repositories are held in this tool.


Project Delivery and Review Process

We use a path-breaking approach that helps us with the successful delivery the projects. These are the steps we use to manage our client’s application during development, pre-launch and post-launch:

  • Launch Calendar
  • Reviewing & testing the product
  • Product Positioning
  • Client Training & Assistance
  • Product Feedback


Aamir and his team provide excellent services to our business. They scope all projects well, price them competitively and then deliver on their commitments. Aamir also adds his business and digital marketing experience to our team and has earned our trust as has Ankit for his excellent project management skills.
Adrian Smith
Management Partners Australia
We could have never achieved this, if it wasn’t for the knowledge and assistance that was given to us from Aamir from Enterprise Monkey.

He provided with us all the necessary tools and knowledge to evaluate any application we choose. This is very appreciated and indispensable help given by Enterprise Monkey. It has kick started us and also opened the doors to allow us to explore the giant road of entrepreneurship and technology.
Josh Betucci
Emergency Local

Our Process Oriented Approach

We conduct workshops for our clients to discuss their mobile app ideas. Initially, we analyse their requirements and understand the goals and vision for the application.
Our mobile app development processes are extremely flexible, with the objective that our clients can easily adapt to the changing market scenarios.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7
  • Step 8
  • Step 9
  • Step 10

Understanding the client requirements

Once the project gets finalised we set up a kick off meeting between the client and the project team. This meeting helps in brainstorming the requirements and understanding the client expectations.

Develop a wireframe and get UI designs from the creative team

The project manager then briefs the business analyst team on the project, which then comes up with a prototype of the application.

Writing test cases and acceptance criteria

Once the prototypes are approved and all the functionalities and user stories are defined, the testing team works on each of the test cases of the project.

Development (Alpha Version)

The initial version of the application is termed as the Alpha version which is first tested internally and shared with the client.

Alpha Testing

Multiple tests are done on the alpha version of the application to ensure it is free from any usability flaws.

Beta Version

The second version of the app is then shown to the client to ensure it is according to client and business requirements.

Beta Testing

The testing for the beta version of the app gives an indication that the product is ready to be submitted to the app stores.

Submission to app stores

The app is submitted to app stores like Android and iOS according to the respective guidelines and optimisation processes of these stores.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

This test is done by the project manager and the product owner to ensure that the product is ready to be used by the customer. This is the final test for the application where we review the whole product from the perspective of the initial client brief and requirements.


Once the application is up and running, it is crucial to understand the market feedback and make changes to it according to customer requirements. Our business analysis team works on studying the product and comes back with innovative solutions for further changes and updates.

Let's discuss your app idea

At Enterprise Monkey, we handle every project, whether big or small, with diligence.