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If you're looking for a mobile app development agency that prioritises the success of your business, then you've come to the right place. At Enterprise Monkey, a leading mobile application development company based in Melbourne, we do things differently. We partner with you to create mobile apps that don’t just look amazing, but engage your users and convert them into loyal customers. We achieve this by understanding your brand, your business goals, and meticulously capturing your app requirements.

Our mobile app development agency specialise in working with SMBs, Government, not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions, and large enterprises across Melbourne and throughout Australia. Whether you're launching a new app, enhancing your current mobile presence, or implementing a digital transformation, our dedicated team of app designers and developers are ready to start your next project.

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We do things differently

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Start your journey with our Wireframing Workshop

The first step in creating a successful mobile app is understanding your vision and requirements. Our Wireframing Workshop is an essential part of this journey, helping us gather all the necessary information to design and develop your app efficiently and effectively.

We work closely with you to understand your app’s purpose, target audience, and key features. This collaborative process ensures we capture all your requirements accurately, addressing any potential pain points early on. Whether you're a startup needing to define your MVP or an established business aiming to enhance your digital presence, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Our mobile app wireframes provide a visual blueprint of your app’s layout and functionality. These detailed mock-ups prepared by our expert mobile app designers allow you to see the user journey and make informed decisions before development begins. This step is crucial in identifying usability issues and refining user experience, ensuring that the final product meets user expectations and drives engagement.

We provide comprehensive estimates for the development cost and timeline. For start-ups, this is invaluable for securing funding from investors by clearly outlining the project scope and financial requirements. For businesses, it helps in obtaining budget approval and setting realistic timelines, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and expectations are managed from the outset.

Our mobile app wireframes and detailed documentation can be presented to investors or internal stakeholders, demonstrating the app’s potential and feasibility. This can be a crucial step in gaining the necessary support and resources for your project. By showcasing a well-thought-out plan, you increase confidence and buy-in from all parties involved, paving the way for smoother project execution.

By thoroughly mapping out your mobile app's structure and flow during the wireframing stage, we identify and address potential risks early. This proactive approach minimises costly changes later in the development process and ensures that the project stays on track, both in terms of budget and timeline.

The wireframing workshop fosters open communication and collaboration between your team and ours. By involving all key stakeholders in this early stage, we ensure that everyone’s input is considered, leading to a more cohesive and aligned project vision. This collaborative environment helps in creating a product that truly reflects your business goals and user needs.

Simplifying Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app can be a complex journey, but it doesn't have to be daunting. At Enterprise Monkey, we simplify the process by focusing on what matters most: your users and your business goals. Our experienced team of app developers leverages the latest technologies to create mobile apps that are intuitive, engaging, and designed to drive results. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and deliver custom solutions that are scalable and efficient. From concept to launch and beyond, we are committed to ensuring your mobile app is a success and provides real value to your users.

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Going out for tender? Let us help you get started!

Leverage our expertise to create a comprehensive scoping document that lays a solid foundation for your project and attracts the best possible vendors. We provide expert guidance to ensure a smooth tender process, helping you define your project requirements clearly and accurately. Our specialty lies in creating detailed scoping documents that outline your project’s needs, goals, and technical requirements, ensuring potential vendors fully understand your expectations. 

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Discover the Enterprise Monkey difference.


Outgrown your current design agency? It might be time to make the switch to a new partnership with us.

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Every project is unique, and so are your needs.

That's why we offer two flexible engagement models to fit with your specific requirements.

Fixed Cost Model

This model is perfect for projects with a well-defined scope and clear requirements.  If you don't have these already, don't worry - we can work with you in a Scoping Workshop to capture this information and turn it into technical requirements. With this model, we can provide you with the total cost and timelines upfront, making approvals and budgeting a breeze. 

Fixed Cost Model

Agile Model

This model is ideal for projects that require flexibility and adaptability.  It allows for continuous feedback and iterative development, ensuring that we can adapt to changes quickly and deliver you the best possible results. It's all about continuous collaboration and evolving with your changing needs.

Mobile App upgrades that will elevate your customers experience

At Enterprise Monkey’s mobile app development services, we offer a suite of premium upgrades designed to take your mobile app to the next level. Whether you're looking to integrate advanced functionalities, boost user engagement, or streamline operations, our premium features are tailored to help you achieve your goals seamlessly and effectively.

Enable your app to function seamlessly without an internet connection. Our offline capabilities ensure that users can access essential features and content anytime, anywhere, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement even in areas with poor connectivity.

Create a thriving digital marketplace with our advanced marketplace app solutions. Connect buyers and sellers through a seamless platform featuring user profiles, secure payment gateways, real-time notifications, and review systems. Our marketplace apps are designed to foster trust and convenience for all users.

Transform your mobile app into a powerful sales tool with our eCommerce integration. Our expert app developers build secure, user-friendly eCommerce apps that support various payment methods, personalised recommendations, and seamless inventory management. Drive sales and enhance customer loyalty with an app that offers a smooth shopping experience.

Keep your users engaged and informed with custom push notifications. Our push notification solutions allow you to send targeted messages based on user behaviour and preferences, driving engagement and encouraging users to return to your app regularly.

Gain deeper insights into user behaviour with our advanced analytics tools. Track user interactions, measure engagement, and analyse app performance to make data-driven decisions. Our analytics solutions help you understand your users better and continuously improve your app’s functionality.

Integrate chatbots and AI to provide instant customer support and enhance user interaction. Our AI-powered solutions can handle common inquiries, provide personalised recommendations, and improve overall user satisfaction by offering timely assistance.

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Partner with us to create a mobile app that captivate your users and drive business growth.

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Our 6D Process: The Blueprint for Digital Success

Embark on our 6D journey, a comprehensive process that guides your project from initial conception to successful implementation and beyond. Our methodical approach is broken down into six distinct phases:

6D 1
01. Discover

We begin our shared journey with a deep immersion into your business landscape. Through expert-led workshop sessions, we gather valuable insights to understand your project goals and the distinct challenges you face.

6D 2
02. Define

We refine your vision by mapping out all your requirements. This phase is about distilling function and form to craft a strategy that's as smart as it is scalable, ensuring every technical and business objective is pinpointed and poised for success.

6D 3
03. Design

Our design phase turns concepts into visual realities. Here, wireframes evolve into bespoke design mock-ups, each reflecting your unique brand identity paired with a seamless user experience, all while laying the groundwork for the technical build.

6D 4
04. Develop

With a design blueprint in hand, our development team gets to work, transforming meticulously planned visuals into a dynamic, functional reality. This stage is where strategy, design, and technology converge to bring your project to life.

6D 5
05. Deploy

Transitioning from concept to reality, we meticulously orchestrate your project's launch. Rigorous testing ensures that your website or app is refined and robust, ready to be deployed into the live environment where it's set to engage and deliver results from day one.

6D 6
06. Drive

Driving your project forward doesn't end at launch. We embark on an ongoing journey of optimisation and support, providing comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your solution continues to evolve and succeed.

What our clients say

Enterprise Monkey have a wealth of knowledge combined with the practical experience that has helped bring our complex IT requirements to life. They provide outstanding support for our organisation and staff and are a great team to work with. Highly recommend!

Better Health Company

Madeline Freeman - Director

Aamir and his team are responsive, technically savvy, and just hard working. Looking at our front end user interface belies what is under the hood. Complex connections to Net Stuite, Salesforce, OKTA and Magento have been seamlessly integrated, just like an orchestra, all working in sync and in time with each other. We couldn’t be happier with our outcome!

Vision Australia

Michael Linke - General Manager

Enterprise Monkey has been an exceptional partner in developing our app, Clavora. They have been incredibly friendly and easy to work with, consistently demonstrating their extensive knowledge in app development. Their ability to follow instructions meticulously has ensured a smooth and successful collaboration. I highly recommend Enterprise Monkey for their professionalism and expertise.


Behdin Abed - Director

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The Enterprise Monkey Experience

At Enterprise Monkey, we do things differently. We don’t just provide a service, we offer a complete experience with a stack of value adds that's all included when you partner with us. No extra costs, just good old fashioned customer services, refined processes and a dedication to ensuring that your experience working with us is one that you'll wonder how you ever managed with out us. Discover the difference of partnering with a team that’s truly dedicated to your success.

Your go-to person for everything, ensuring you get personalised, consistent service and support throughout the project. They will be your primary contact, addressing all your questions and concerns.

A dedicated business analyst to turn your ideas and business needs into technical solutions. They will work closely with you to understand your objectives and translate them into actionable plans and specifications.

Stay connected with our team via our communication app, available on your phone or desktop. This ensures seamless communication, allowing you to get quick updates and feedback at your convenience.

Easily handle change requests with our streamlined process. We make it simple to request and implement changes, ensuring your project evolves as needed without unnecessary delays.

Get real-time feedback and track progress with direct access to our project management tools. You'll be able to see timelines, tasks, and milestones, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Keep tabs on your project with real-time updates on our Gantt chart, and also receive daily status updates. This combination keeps you informed about the progress and any potential changes, so you’re always in the loop.

Catch up with your project team regularly to discuss progress and any questions during weekly meetings. Additionally, review progress and provide feedback with our Customer Experience team during bi-monthly retrospectives to ensure continuous improvement.