According to the ITTU statistics, there are 7 billion mobile subscribers worldwide with a majority of them using smartphones for a host of purposes ranging from surfing the net to banking transactions to buying products and accessing services.

Over 179 billion apps are downloaded each year.  People spend an average of 2 to 4 hours on their smartphones using various apps, a segment that has witnessed explosive growth in recent times with over 19 billion mobile app developers creating a host of applications. Ignoring this growing market of billions means small, medium or large enterprises are likely to be left behind.

If you run a business and maintain an online presence then it is all the more crucial to invest in custom mobile apps with their inherent advantages a few of which are:

  • Always keep in touch with customers and provide a satisfactory user experience

  • Map their preferences and get them to engage with your brands

  • Deliver a localized experience

  • Easily collect feedback and obtain data about their age, spending habits, jobs, locations

Further, mobile apps are finding use in diverse areas such as:

  • Internet of things
  • Using sensors for location sensing and motion
  • Wearable mobile devices

If there is a huge growth in mobile users and mobile apps, that makes it all the more difficult for companies to develop a suitable app that will keep targets engaged. If you think of having a mobile app developed and deployed there are factors you would need to include such as:

  • A highly engaging user interface that is not only aesthetic but one that should also be easy to use and have a host of features.

  • User interaction with content.

  • Seamless integration and functionality regardless of the display resolution and size, operating system, and hardware.

  • A high degree of safety and security for users

Mobile app development is an expensive and time-consuming process. It pays to retain only specialists in cross-platform and cross-device development who can come up with uniquely innovative and engaging apps that work without glitches. Mobile users are fickle, and if they experience issues, they are likely to remove the app from their device and ignore your company altogether.

When you plan to integrate cloud and the internet of things into your app, then there are even bigger challenges that only a competent mobile app development company can handle because of the varied nature of skills required to put together diverse technologies into a seamless interface. Competence is just as important as the ability to complete development in time because the race to capture the market is hot and getting hotter. The sooner you grab customers, the better the chances of your retaining them.

It is not just small businesses that benefit from mobile apps; enterprises too are emphasizing greater use of apps for virtually all aspects of their operation. Apps are here and are going to be the future so pick your developer with due care and you are set to stay current with the changing times.

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