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Another Milestone Achieved: Enterprise Monkey is Now ISO 27001 Certified

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Sarah Farroukh

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Enterprise Monkey has attained the certification for ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). We are extremely proud to mark this milestone and have received the pursuit of excellence in the IT sector. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to delivering secure and reliable solutions to our clients.

This certification proudly signifies and validates our operations, including processes, systems, environment, people, and work culture is dedicated to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information assets.

Founded in 2004, Enterprise Monkey is Australia’s Leading website, app & software development agency that specialises in custom integrations, digital accessibility and artificial intelligence. We provide solution-based expert advice that is second to none, with a friendly team that you can count on.

From protecting confidentiality to safeguarding integrity, information security is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Your financial records, personal information, and intellectual property are integral and may be subject to malicious attacks, including malware.

These cyber-attacks are strong enough to paralyse your platform or disrupt them. A privacy breach can lead to intrusive surveillance and result in reputational damages, and being ISO-certified means we adhere to industry standards and are committed to continuous improvement.

What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is a certification published by the International Organization for Standardization that provides the framework for secure Information Security Management Systems. ISO collaborated with International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC to develop the ISO 27001 certification.

ISO provides a systematic approach to directing sensitive information and can save our organisation from possible security breaches. Demonstrating major security practices, the ISO 27001 certificate can provide robust security practices, thus helping our relationships with clients to grow.

Though it is the only standard-setting specification for Information Security Management Systems or ISMS, organisations may need it to show that they care about preventing massive data security breaches.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience for our clients, and this certification shows our commitment to protecting our clients’ business and ensuring a successful, long-term partnership.
An organisation’s reputation is directly interlinked with its data security system. This ISO certification provides the confidence to stand up and tell customers their interests are safe.

Reducing information leaks and security risks and achieving ISO 27001 certification saves an organisation from financial penalties and associated losses. And most importantly, they are accomplishing the legal and regulatory requirements of a business.

How Does ISO 27001 Certification Benefit The Organisation?

There are procedures and sets of policies enforced by the International Organization for Standardization to apply for the ISO 27001 certification. Acquiring this certification confirms that an organisation follows the best practices to secure information and data.

1. Helps To Avoid Security Threats

One of the most apparent reasons businesses apply for ISO certification is to be safe from cyber attackers and internal mistakes.

ISO 27001 certification makes sure that we have enough tools to fight across all these three pillars of cyber security, that are, people, processes, and technology

We can use the Standard to identify and document the relevant policies and sidestep blunders.

2. Secures Reputation

We can use ISO 27001 certification to prove our sincerity and dedication to the safety of our stakeholders.
It opens the gateways to working with everyone, including new clients who specifically work with ISO-certified businesses.

It helps to build a client’s trust with them as they understand the company’s effort to go through the rigorous process to get the certification. It adds to the credibility of a brand.

3. Ensures Emergency Response and Recovery

To get ISO certification 27001, an organisation must establish an emergency response and recovery system to avoid losing data and information.

Disruptions can occur anytime. One must know how to take adequate action and minimise the impact. ISO certification contributes to the brand’s resilience, streamlined workflow, and better in-house collaboration.

Following ISMS, a company can enhance its customer satisfaction rate and build stronger relationships with them.

4. Promotes Advanced and Improved Internal Processes

ISO 27001 promotes and encourages organisations’ internal procedures, making them work altogether to minimise differences and create better results. In order to improve the information security processes, a strong joint effort is absolutely required.

The certification assures continuous improvements in the processes.

5. Makes Organisation Legally Compliant

An organisation can align their information security practices with regulatory obligations, making it more trustworthy among its competitors. Multiple laws are associated with data protection and privacy, and organisations need to ensure following them.

To be ISO-Compliant, organisations must give their processes to experts to upscale and optimise operations.

The Endnote

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised and widely accepted standard for ISMS, and we are extremely proud to receive this certification. It demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding the data and information, and we earned it by undergoing a challenging process. Our clients and partners are reassured that their information is safe with us.

We are devoted to serving our clients with exceptional services, and this ISO certification is an important milestone on this journey.

Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Content Writer
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.
Picture of Sarah Farroukh
Sarah Farroukh
Sarah is a content writer with over two years of experience. She is passionate about writing about tech and helping brands to achieve success online. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, and staying connected on various social media platforms.

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