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Handy tips to upgrade your website

Looking to Upgrade Your Website? We Got a Few Tips

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Aamir Qutub

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Your website is a treasure box that’s got the potential to give you an incremental revenue stream, consistently.
It can help you to reach out to all those people who could be loyal customers of your business.
You need to harness your site’s true potential by upgrading it on a regular basis. You can’t develop a website, sit back and sulk about its underperformance. Work on it continuously – add features, tools and content so you can get the best out of it. Upgrading your website can help you to improve the results, many times over.

Here are some essential website upgrades that you must initiate right now.

Content Distribution Network

If your site visitor is physically located far away from your hosting service, a CDN will ensure they still get a user-friendly experience.
Content distribution networks help in delivering content to the users in an efficient manner. A CDN is behind all types of content we consume, on a daily basis.
To put it simply, a CDN helps in minimising the distance between the consumer of the content and hosting server of the content publisher. It is a distribution channel that has got data centers across the globe.

Here are some of the key benefits of adding a CDN feature to your website:

  1. Faster website loading speed
  2. Reduced downtime
  3. Makes your website more scalable – managing traffic spikes becomes easier
  4. Improves search engine rankings
  5. Reduced cost of hosting

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Move Your Website to HTTPS

HTTPS or Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol enables secure transactions on the internet. The feature ensures any sensitive information that is shared by the user of the site does not get accessed by a third party.
The feature also helps you to keep your WordPress login details secure, preventing it from getting hacked.
You need an SSL certificate to move to HTTPS. The SSL certificate helps you to build trust with your site visitors. It is an assurance that the information they are sharing with the site, will remain secure.
Moreover, moving to HTTPS improves your chances of ranking on Google as the search engine prefers secure pages over insecure ones.


Make sure your website has got the latest plugins or add-ons. Plugins help you to enhance the features of your site, making it more user-friendly and search engine friendly. If your site is built using WordPress then you can check out some of these plugins:

  1. WPform- For adding contact forms
  2. Yoast SEO – For search engine optimisation
  3. BackupBuddy – For backing up your website data
  4. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets – To generate rich snippets for your website pages

For websites developed with other Content Management Systems, you can try the relevant and available plugins.

Use Schema Markup

You can add a piece of code to your website pages to make sure that the search engine results about your site, are more informative. It classifies the content on your website by showing the search engines, what your content means. Suppose yours is a local business, you can add a schema markup to your site to tell the search engines about this categorisation. It will then be displayed in your search engine results as well.
Schema helps in improving the experience of online searchers by giving them more information about the site that they are going to visit. Some of the categorisations that you can add to your website pages include:

  • Articles
  • Local businesses
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products, and many more.

Websites that have a Schema Markup are bound to get a higher click through rate and higher rankings on search engines.
Schema markup(Source)

Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph meta tags help you to improve the interface of the content that gets shared from your website to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. These tags improve the clicks and conversions of the shared content. The feature helps you to pre-define the thumbnail image and the overlay text of the page or the post that is being shared.
Some of the attributes that you can add to your OG meta tags include URL, image, title and description. Adding Open Graph tags can help you to get more engagement and traffic from social channels to your website. Here is an interesting example:
Open graph meta tags(Source)

Update Your CMS

Using a Content Management System for building a website is quite common. A CMS like WordPress or Magento makes it easy to build a website or make changes to it. Updating to the latest version of your CMS is essential. Updating has the following benefits:

  1. It reduces your site’s vulnerability to cyber attacks.
  2. It helps in fixing technical errors related to coding and incompatibility of plugins.
  3. A newer CMS version usually makes the code more efficient and ensures that your site loads faster. It helps you to add new functionalities to its backend as well as front-end.

Improve The Structure of Your Website

A good site structure is user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. It will fetch you more rankings, more traffic and more conversions. If your website structure is right you will also end up earning yourself site links in the search engine results, as shown below:
Improve-The-Structure-of-Your-WebsiteThe better is your website structure, the easier will it be for search engine crawlers to display multiple links of your website in the search engine results.
Here is an example of an ideal structure:
Ideal structure(Source)

You need to divide your website pages into main categories and subcategories. The user has to move from more important pages to less important ones.
The URL structure of the site must also follow the pre-defined hierarchy. Here is an example:

The URL above reflects the user flow from the home page to the services page to the website development service page.

Integrate a CRM Tool

It’s important to build a relationship with your customers on an ongoing basis. You need to capture their details when they visit your website and then engage with them with the help of customised email campaigns.
The manual process of collecting data from your website and adding it to your CRM consumes a lot of time and resources. You can easily integrate with a CRM tool and automate this process.

Integrate With an A/B Testing Tool

An A/B testing tool like Optimizely helps you to test each of the elements on your website. You can test your images, Call-to-Action buttons, the fields in your contact forms and offer copy, etc. The tool helps you to create variants of each of your site elements and see which one is getting you the best results.

Live Chat Integration

A live chat integration helps you to get face-to-face with your site visitor and answer their queries. It is a form of proactive customer service that fetches you quality leads for your business. You can use free online tools like MyLiveChat to add this feature to your site.
Deploy a dedicated resource to use this feature and interact with your site visitors, and help them out.
Live chat integration


If your website does not have a blog, then you are losing out on a lot of prospects, on a daily basis. Many of your target customers are looking for useful information. If you can provide this information to them, you have a chance to start building a relationship with them. Add a blog section to your website and start creating valuable content for your target users. You need to understand the type of posts that will be useful for your blog readers. Be regular in publishing posts on your blog. Promote the published posts on your social media pages.

Newsletter Subscription

An email newsletter is an effective channel to drive sales for your business. A newsletter can be used for sharing informative content, promotional offers and product details with your prospects. Add a section on your website that enables the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. It will help you to build an email list of those who are interested in your services.
Newsletter subscription

Integration for Measuring User Engagement – Heatmap

Tools like Lucky Orange and Crazy Egg can help you to analyse all the sections of your website, for clicks and engagement. You can easily integrate a Heatmap tool to your site, by adding a piece of code to it.
The tool can help you to track your visitor clicks and mouse movements. You even can replay individual user sessions to review the entire activity of your site visitors.
Heat maps can help you analyze the content and features of your website and optimise them for higher engagement, clicks and conversions.

Social Media Integration

Make sure your website is linked to the social media pages of your company. It will help your site visitors to follow your business on these channels. You need to ensure that your site has got social media icons that direct the users to these pages.
Social media integration

Social media sharing buttons are a must for your blog. These buttons help your blog visitors to share your posts on their social profiles, helping you to amplify your reach.

Add an Introductory Video

An opening video helps you to engage with your site visitors. A 1-2 minute video that talks about your company and its vision helps in building trust among your site visitors. It helps you to reduce the bounce rate on your website while improving its chances of ranking on search engines.

You can take your website’s user-experience to the next level with the help of an introductory video. It will help you to build a positive reputation for your business.

Check if your website already has the features mentioned above. If not, you must upgrade it now. If you need assistance, you can get in touch with us.

Picture of Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Monkey, has a sincere passion for innovation and startups. With an experience of around a decade, he is a proud co-founder of 4 technology startups, focusing on real-world problems and their solutions. He also loves to cook and spend time with his onlyborn.
Picture of Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub
Aamir Qutub is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Monkey, has a sincere passion for innovation and startups. With an experience of around a decade, he is a proud co-founder of 4 technology startups, focusing on real-world problems and their solutions. He also loves to cook and spend time with his onlyborn.

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