Enterprise Monkey's VP of Sales and Marketing brings a fresh perspective to the IT industry

It’s well known that we couldn’t do what we do and be where we are today, without our great team behind us.  Since launching in 2014, Enterprise Monkey has been on a continual growth trajectory and our diverse team made up of passionate individuals has been a huge factor in our success.

We have a small, but growing team based in Geelong and one of the key roles to the success of the business is owned by our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Claire Wells.

Claire is a born and bred Geelong local, so you may have already met her along her career path prior to joining the EM family in 2020.  Claire started with us during one of the many lockdowns and it was some months before we could all meet in person for the first time, but to her credit, she jumped right in and grabbed this role with both hands.

Like a lot of us, Claire was personally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and also had the added stress of her husband being diagnosed with cancer not long after the first lockdowns were announced.  While taking some time out to care for her husband and assist with her children’s learning from home, Claire said that it gave her the chance to reassess their families’ priorities and consider what she wanted to achieve professionally.

“Big life events such as this make you reconsider what’s important in life and finding a role that combined my passions, with flexibility and creativity was important to me”, said Claire.

Having spent most of her career in various roles in the construction industry, Claire brings a diverse background and a fresh perspective to the I.T industry.

“There are many parallels between the construction and technology industries,” said Claire. Building a new house and building a custom website or mobile app can be equally overwhelming, with both involving rigorous processes, detailed project documentation, significant financial outlay and a lot of industry-specific jargon.

“My goal is to change this perception, making software development a more approachable and enjoyable customer experience,” Claire explained.

What Claire brings to the business is a personable approach that demystifies the technology industry and delivers technology products and services in a way that is understood, regardless of experience in this space.

“Digital technology can be complex at times, so having someone that can understand tech talk, then relay this back to our clients in a language that is more digestible has been a great asset to our business.” said CEO, Aamir Qutub.

If you’re looking to undertake a digital transformation and disrupt your current business model, then reach out to Claire for a chat about how Enterprise Monkey can be your experts on your transformation journey.