Mobile App Development Australia

We develop native and hybrid mobile apps to help our clients accomplish their business goals. Our app development process is recommended and trusted by various brands and entrepreneurs.

Preferred Mobile App Developers in Australia

At Enterprise Monkey, we conduct a detailed analysis of the idea behind an app to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. We formulate the content flow based on the needs of your target audience and prospects. We follow a comprehensive agile approach with attention to detail to attain utmost accuracy in our development process. Our in-house team of expert developers provide you with the most innovative and disruptive solutions for your app development project.

Mobile App Development Platforms

iOS App Development

If your business is targeting the iPhone and iPad app market, then Enterprise Monkey can help you to develop highly-innovative apps customised to your business needs. We offer end-to-end solutions for all kinds of iOS application development services. We have quite an experience in developing apps that can be easily integrated with many 3rd party applications. Our unique solutions can be easily integrated to the camera and GPS services of many mobile devices with enhanced user-experience. Our app experts understand the iOS platform, hence develop apps that are in sync with all its attributes and interfaces. We also help businesses with custom enterprise apps to achieve the enhanced productivity and profitability.

Android App Development

Android phones are most preferred ones in the smartphone market with a huge user-base. There is a big opportunity for business owners to tap this growing market. We develop incremental Android apps to fulfil the existing and upcoming requirements of your business. We continuously test your Android application and ensure that it provides a user-friendly experience. Our in-house Android developers understand the market thoroughly and develop apps that incorporate the native features of the Android platform to add to the innovation in app development. We help you go mobile by building enterprise mobile apps that integrate with your existing systems and simplify your business processes drastically.

Our Recent Work

We have worked with clients from various industries
and developed both hybrid and native mobile apps according to their needs.

Why Choose Enterprise Monkey?

We help convert your app idea into a successful mobile application for your business. Enterprise Monkey helps you with end-to-end solutions for your product which includes design, development, testing and marketing of the mobile application. Our experts help you with an innovative product strategy that fetches you the desired results from your mobile app. The mobile application development goes through a flexible iteration process so that the most important attributes can be accommodated in the shortest possible time.

Enterprise Mobility

At Enterprise Monkey we are committed to help you develop the best enterprise mobility solutions. Our custom enterprise mobility solutions help you improve your business processes and productivity. First, we analyse all the existing procedures, then we provide a mobile strategy to help you optimise and streamline your internal processes. Our enterprise mobility solutions help you manage your business anytime, anywhere with enhanced ROI.

Customer Facing

We develop mobile apps that help you engage with your users in the most interactive way and achieve the maximum conversions for your business. At Enterprise Monkey, the mobile applications are developed after understanding your brand’s primary requirements and its target audience. We ensure that the user experience on your app is in sync with your overall brand. We help you develop a unique mobile-presence for your business that helps you automate your revenue from the mobile channel.

Awards & Press Mention


Aamir and his team provide excellent services to our business. They scope all projects well, price them competitively and then deliver on their commitments. Aamir also adds his business and digital marketing experience to our team and has earned our trust as has Ankit for his excellent project management skills.

Adrian Smith
Management Partners Australia

We could have never achieved this, if it wasn’t for the knowledge and assistance that was given to us from Aamir from Enterprise Monkey.

He provided with us all the necessary tools and knowledge to evaluate any application we choose. This is very appreciated and indispensable help given by Enterprise Monkey. It has kick started us and also opened the doors to allow us to explore the giant road of entrepreneurship and technology.

Josh Betucci
Emergency Local

Mobile App Development Process

Understanding the client requirements

Once the project gets finalised we set up a kick off meeting between the client and the project team. This meeting helps in brainstorming the requirements and understanding the client expectations.

Develop a wireframe and get UI designs from the creative team

The project manager then briefs the business analyst team on the project, which then comes up with a prototype of the application.

Writing test cases and acceptance criteria

Once the prototypes are approved and all the functionalities and user stories are defined, the testing team works on each of the test cases of the project.

Development (Alpha Version)

The initial version of the application is termed as the Alpha version which is first tested internally and shared with the client.


Multiple tests are done on the alpha version of the application to ensure it is free from any usability flaws.

Beta Version

The second version of the app is then shown to the client to ensure it is according to client and business requirements.


The testing for the beta version of the app gives an indication that the product is ready to be submitted to the app stores.

Submission to app stores

The app is submitted to app stores like Android and iOS according to the respective guidelines and optimisation processes of these stores.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

This test is done by the project manager and the product owner to ensure that the product is ready to be used by the customer. This is the final test for the application where we review the whole product from the perspective of the initial client brief and requirements.


Once the application is up and running, it is crucial to understand the market feedback and make changes to it according to customer requirements. Our business analysis team works on studying the product and comes back with innovative solutions for further changes and updates.

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