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We don’t design ‘beautiful’ online brochures we only develop meaningful smarter websites that help you to reach and attract your target audience, engage with them, capture their details and measure the results.

Trusted by hundreds of professionals and firms throughout Australia, we present you the smarterwebsite


Website Development Services to Help You Grow Your Business

If you see your company’s website just as an online brochure that provides information about your company and contact details at the end then Enterprise Monkey smarterwebsite™ may not be the best choice for you. Most Small-to-Medium Enterprises rely on traditional marketing methodologies and referrals to drive new business, and their websites to serve as an online brochure where they display their products or services.

Our web development services are focussed on clear strategic objectives.

  • to acquire new customers
  • to engage the existing ones

Website development at Enterprise Monkey is based on the following five attributes:

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Small and Medium businesses spend a lot of resources and energy in designing ‘beautiful’ websites with cool graphics and creative slogans. They spend more money paying an external agency for activities like Search Engine Optimization which fail to reach their target audience.

Through our website development services we help you establish a clear understanding of your target audience. Website development at Enterprise Monkey includes Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimization, and Referral/Affiliate integration that is tailored to targeting your customer segment. Our websites don’t drive traffic, we drive pre-qualified leads with the potential to be converted into customers.

Attract & Engage

It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they’ll stay or leave on your site. 55% of visitors leave a website in 15 seconds. Almost every modern website has beautiful graphics, catchy slogans and claims to have the best service, highest quality, and the most experienced team etc. But what will compel your customer to stay on your website?

We help you establish a well-positioned online presence that’s designed to attract and engage your target segment. Our websites are designed to focus on the key message that matters to your customers the most.

Enterprise Monkey smarterwebsite™ has a much lower bounce rate than the industry average.


Suppose, Bob (a potential customer) is driving around Melbourne looking for a service, when he finds your office. He is impressed by the clear messaging that talks about his problem. He parks his car and enters your office . But there is no one at the reception and even no kiosk or bell can be seen anywhere. He looks at all the information available in your office, and is highly impressed by your service. After sometime, he leaves the office without giving out any information about himself.

When you enter the office at night, the footprint tells you there were 50 such people who came to your office and stayed for a long time. But you have no idea who they were. The fact that your office is in a crowded global marketplace makes it almost impossible for Bob to find your office again. You lose 50 potential clients like that every day, and feel like an idiot but you don’t do anything about it. Doing this may sound foolish because every wise business person ensures that he captures their details or interacts with the potential customers visiting his office. But do you capture the details of potential clients visiting your website? Or are you just happy looking at the footprint through analytics which tells you there were 300 potential clients who were interested in buying from you but you lost all of them?

Enterprise Monkey smarterwebsite™ allows you to capture leads and information that is automatically added to your Email Campaign List or Customer Relationship Management System.

Measure & Analyse

Ever wondered who is visiting your website? Why are they visiting your website? What are they doing with the website?

Our website development services allow you to have complete visibility of your visitors.

Why Enterprise Monkey for Web Development?

When a hell lot of companies are doing website development, why you should go with us? Right?

  • While developing websites for clients, our web developers cover every aspect of website development and implementation like project vision, technology consulting, business analysis, user experience, quality assurance, development, testing, integration, maintenance and support.
  • Before developing a website for you, we at Enterprise Monkey do a complete analysis of your company’s mission, vision, business requirements, target customers, competitors and the industry you belong to.
  • We love to work with those companies who are passionate about their business and have a long-term vision for it.
  • We believe in delivering not only a website to our clients but also a whole cycle of lead generation that no one can do better than us since it involves a thorough research over what can be the best solution for your business.

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