We live in a digital world with digital assets all around. Moreover, the digital landscape is changing and evolving continuously. Thus, managing and updating your digital assets are critical today.

However, businesses without an in-house web developer need an intuitive system allowing anyone to create and manage content. Having a CMS solution that will enable you to edit and manage web pages from one single interface without requiring technical knowledge is the need of the hour for most businesses.

With more people consuming digital content every single day, there is a need for personalised, omnichannel, and interactive experiences to engage the end users. So, choosing a suitable CMS solution to help meet business goals is of the utmost importance.

This is where the Drupal website development and CMS solution come into the picture.

Everything You Need To Know About Drupal

Drupal is an open-source CMS platform like WordPress. With over a million users globally, including organisations of all sizes, Drupal is a free platform written in PHP. It is currently the third-largest CMS solution globally after WordPress and Joomla.

Some of the significant users of Drupal include multiple Fortune 500 companies, Major Soccer League, Princeton University, NASA, and others. Experts consider Drupal a perfect choice for businesses in 2023.

Drupal website development allows users to create compelling and dynamic websites, including personal or corporate websites, blogs, directories, forums, community portals, and others.

But why should you use Drupal over other solutions? Below are some prominent reasons that make Drupal the best CMS for your business in 2023.

Why Choose Drupal For Your Business In 2023?

1. Holistic Content & Web Experience Management System

One factor differentiating Drupal’s website development and other solutions from its competition is that it makes things easy for all parties, including developers, marketers, and others. Since its inception in 2000, Drupal has won the trust of technical and non-technical people.

Drupal experts agree that it is a flexible platform that makes for a great content and web experience management system. Thus, it is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a scalable, flexible, and secure platform with robust architecture and easy integration.

2. Personalised User Experience With A Customer-Centric Approach

Compared to other systems, Drupal allows users to manage their platform and content without any technical skills. The latest versions, Drupal 10 & Drupal 9, provide a customer-centric experience that focuses on making things simple and easy for end users.

Multiple modules within Drupal make it one of the best CMS solutions, as per the Drupal experts.

It enables personalisation with its browsing history recommender, context-menu block, and commerce recommender.

  • It provides the best caching capabilities, thus ensuring that the speed of page loading is fast.
  • Drupal enables flexible landing pages providing better control to the owners.
  • The layout builder module within Drupal provides flexible layouts for you to choose from for your next marketing campaign.
  • The drag-and-drop blocks feature allows you to change the appearance of your website without much hassle.
  • Drupal has a WYSIWYG editor that allows users to add content through a Microsoft word-like interface.
  • The responsive design allows your website to fix on any screen.
  • The latest version of Drupal also comes with social media modules and multilingual functionality that makes things convenient.
  • Quick text editor to edit or upload any content to the website.

3. Easy Third-Party Integration With Popular Tools

To stay ahead of your competitors, you must provide dynamic content to your users through multiple channels. For this, you will need a trustworthy CMS solution that will keep you updated about the latest trends.

Drupal experts believe one significant advantage that can be beneficial is its ability to integrate easily with popular marketing tools like Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, and others. Moreover, it is an excellent solution for e-commerce websites as well.

Businesses like Tesla, Puma, Magneto, and others have been able to use Drupal website development and CMS solutions to enhance their sales.

4. Dynamic Functionality: Great For SEO

While Drupal provides basic features like other CMS solutions, what makes it different is its host of advanced modules. Along with the basic features like user registration, layout customisation, administration, and others, Drupal also allows you to manage other advanced features quickly. For example, the in-site search module of Drupal, Apache Solr Search, will enable you to speed up complex searches and improve user information.

Moreover, its SEO friendliness is what makes it stand out. Every marketing has a single goal of getting more reach. In today’s digital world, you can fulfil this goal with good search engine optimisation or SEO practices. Therefore, focusing on Google SERP is critical to growing your business.

Drupal is great for SEO allowing you higher organic traffic. Using its modules, Drupal allows you with pre-installed SEO automation tools that assist and control the vital KPIs of your website while ensuring it ranks high in Google searches.

  • It allows you to create SEO-friendly URLs for your websites with the help of best practices and the least effort.
  • Drupal consists of a built-in taxonomy system that allows you to tag your content to rich keywords.
  • It has a page title module that helps keep your page title interesting. The page title is one of the most critical elements to enhance SEO.
  • Drupal also helps you with meta tags that still have relative influence in SEO for your website.

5. Open-Source Community

The best part about Drupal is that it is an open-source platform. Thus, it has a massive community of users. The user base can be beneficial when looking for solutions during challenging circumstances.

Moreover, the community comprises of developers with other technical and non-technical professionals. The Drupal experts community also plays a major role in building various modules that are available in the library. The community also works with different third-party vendors for easier integrations.

6. Enhanced Reliability & Security

When you plan to extend your business, you will have most of your content on a single platform. It requires you to ensure the highest security. You want to ensure that all your data and your website are secure.

Drupal provides you with a dedicated team of security experts who look after and find solutions to security issues. Furthermore, the community always looks for destructive codes that can make websites or data vulnerable.

It also consists of the different core and contributed modules in the library. These modules help with password security, verification, two-factor authentication, and other out-of-the-box encryption capabilities for its users.

7. Extensibility via APIs

Drupal allows easy third-party integrations and facilitates access to a robust list of APIs. Using this collection, one can enhance the customer journey and meet all their needs. Some common examples are:

  • The RESTful Web Services API supports a decoupled Drupal website, allows you to integrate with web services, and enables power communication between iOS and Android apps and Drupal sites.
  • The translation API allows you to adjust the website’s language per user’s location.
  • JSON API makes use of JSON for communication on the website.
  • Furthermore, it has Drupal’s API, querying, and GraphQL, which can help elevate the user experience.

Final Thoughts

Drupal is a versatile CMS platform evolving daily. It is growing further with its most recent updates, new innovative features, and active contributions from the open-source community. As a result, it provides the edge you might need in today’s competitive age of demanding users.

The Drupal CMS solution can pave the way to scale your business to new heights. Moreover, the extensive range of Drupal solutions can help you grow your business like never before. Drupal is a tried-and-tested solution with an excellent track record of providing solutions to the best of organisations.

Its solid reputation and focus on solving complex requirements make it the top choice for all web projects of 2023. It has been ruling the industry over the last decade and is here to stay! You can get your website development with a Drupal website development agency now.