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Finding the right App Developer – 3 Vital Steps to consider

When you hire an app developer you want to have a good experience, where the process is collaborative, transparent and everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.  An app developer is going on a journey with you, so they need to appreciate and understand your unique business objectives and your specific app requirements. There are three …

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What is WCAG?

And why is it important? With people relying on websites and apps for more and more regular tasks, like shopping and banking,  these applications need to be accessible to a wide range of users, including those with a disability.  The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines aims to provide standardised guidelines to increase accessibility across online platforms. …

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Digital Transformation

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION A priority, not an option.

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is the implementation of new digital tools and solutions into your business to evolve or create new business processes and improve efficiency, most often driven by customer expectations around services and products. When considering your digital transformation requirements, it’s important to consider the adoption of digital solutions for core …

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DevOps – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment(CI/CD) are practices that seek to speed up the release of the software. These practices play a key role in making the agile principle of frequently delivering software to users a reality DevOps teams should implement CI/CD as one of their best practices. As deployment stages are automated, it is also …

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What is Headless CMS

For several years, headless CMS has been a growing trend – and popular terminology – in digital content management. CMS stands for the content management system. This article discusses the concept of the headless CMS, its features, and the types of companies that are turning headless. It also demonstrates how the digital content catastrophe has pushed the shift from the traditional content management systems towards more modern headless solutions.

Death of the Cookies

Cookies that track your activities may soon be obsolete. In March, Google announced that they’re now phasing down cookie support in its Chrome browser from 2022. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing depends on how you use the internet. The death of the cookie will be tremendous pain for businesses that utilise cookies …

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2021 Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards – Finalist

It’s great to see that our business leader and founder of Enterprise Monkey, Aamir Qutub has again been recognised as a leading Australian entrepreneur, with the recent announcement he is a finalist in the @businessnewsaustralia 2021 Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards. Aamir’s entrepreneurial spirit comes in bucketloads and his vision for providing leading software solutions for …

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